Managers - William Edward Barclay

William Edward Barclay
Birthdate: 14 June 1857
Birthplace: Dublin
Date of death: 30 January 1917
Other clubs as manager: Everton
Signed for LFC: 15 March 1892
LFC league games as manager: 58
Total LFC games as manager: 91
Honours: Lancashire League 1892/93; Second Division 1893/94
First game in charge: 03.09.1892
Contract Expiry: August 1895

Manager Profile

Even though William Edward Barclay, the former Secretary and Vice-Chairman of Everton, had the title Secretary, that was essentially the team manager at the time, the first eleven were chosen by the board. Irishman John McKenna, who was the most prominent of boardmembers, had more influence over who played than the secretary. Liverpool’s application to join the Football League in their first season was rejected. Field Sports claimed someone at Liverpool had made an administrative blunder, only applying for the First Division, but in case they were not elected did not make themselves eligible for the Second Division. Most likely this was a mistake on Barclay’s behalf as his job entailed taking care of such documentation.

Barclay was so described at the time: “A great enthusiast in football management. Is a most successful organiser, a fine judge of the great game, and knows everybody in the football world. Few men have travelled so much to football matches as he. One of Mr John Houlding’s staunchest supporters. He is the successful Head Master of the Industrial Schools, Everton Crescent, and is, further, widely known and everywhere esteemed. An able man all-round.” Barclay was responsible for all kinds of paperwork relating to the running of the team; signing contracts and keeping deadlines. When John Houlding gave his board £500 to bring in new players Barclay went on a number of scouting missions to Scotland.

In Liverpool's inaugural season the club competed in the Lancashire League, winning that championship following a tight contest with Blackpool. McKenna was pulling the strings, even though he was just a regular board member. He was a man of great influence and the club’s outward face. Barclay apparently knew nothing of the club’s successful application for membership of the Second Division in 1893 until he received a telegram instructing him to travel to London to arrange the fixtures for Liverpool’s debut season as a member of the league. McKenna, not Barclay, went to the capital as Liverpool’s representative. That single incident indicates how much more involved McKenna was really with policy and key decisions. Or maybe he was just making sure Barclay wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Liverpool joined the Second Division of the Football League in 1893 following the demise of their then more well-known neighbours Bootle. The aspiring club was also victorious in the Second Division, but finished bottom of the First Division in the 1894/95 season. Barclay quit as secretary, whether that was due to reasons other than the team’s capitulation is difficult to establish. McKenna took over as Secretary, winning the Second Division for a second time.

Competition Total Won Draw Lost Goals for Goals against
Grand totals 91 52 17 22 221 118
League 58 29 14 15 128 88
FA Cup 9 5 1 3 25 10
League Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0
Other 24 18 2 4 68 20
Matches that are won or lost in a penalty shoot-out are counted as a win/loss not as a draw.
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When the director entered the Liverpool boardroom vehemently declaring that City had been robbed of the game, McKenna immediately called for quiet using his well-known phrase 'A moment, please, a moment'. He then proceeded to ask the director if he knew what the word "robbed" meant. Did he believe the referee was a thief? He promptly proceeded to insist on the director making an apology in the presence of everyone in the room.

Honest John didn't suffer fools lightly and his 'military bearing and staccato voice' got him far as the Liverpool Echo reported when he clashed with a Manchester City director

Players bought
Player Club Fee Date
Jonathan Cameron Renton Unknown 1892
James Kelso Renton Unknown 1892
Andrew Kelvin Kilmarnock Unknown 1892
Jock Smith Sunderland Unknown May 1892
Tom Wyllie Everton Unknown May 1892
Andrew Hannah Renton Unknown 19 May 1892
Jim McBride Renton Unknown June 1892
John Miller Dumbarton Unknown June 1892
Sydney Ross Cambuslang Unknown June 1892
Duncan McLean Everton Unknown July 1892
Malcolm McVean Third Lanark Unknown July 1892
Billy McOwen Darwen Unknown 25 July 1892
Joe McQue Celtic Unknown August 1892
John McCartney St. Mirren Unknown October 1892
Matt McQueen Leith Athletic Unknown 23 October 1892
Hugh McQueen Leith Athletic Unknown 23 October 1892
Patrick Gordon Everton Free 30 June 1893
Jimmy Stott Middlesbrough Unknown 6 August 1893
James Henderson Annbank Unknown 22 August 1893
David Henderson King's Park Unknown 15 September 1893
William Hughes Bootle Free 16 September 1893
Harry Bradshaw Northwich Vict. Unknown 13 October 1893
Douglas Dick Third Lanark Unknown 16 October 1893
John Givens Dalry Unknown 28 February 1894
John Whitehead Everton Unknown 28 March 1894
James Cameron Rangers Unknown 8 May 1894
Bill McCann Abercorn Unknown 25 May 1894
Neil Kerr Rangers Unknown 4 June 1894
Jimmy Ross Preston North End £75 19 August 1894
John Drummond Sheffield United Unknown 20 August 1894
John McLean Greenock Volunteers Unknown 10 October 1894
Billy Dunlop Abercorn £35 11 October 1894
John Curran Celtic Unknown 12 October 1894
Hugh Henderson Third Lanark Unknown 19 October 1894
David Hannah Sunderland Unknown 2 November 1894
Tom Wilkie Hearts Unknown 18 January 1895
Frank Becton Preston North End £100 18 March 1895
James Cleland St Bernard's On Loan 24 April 1895
Robert Neill Hibernian On Loan 24 April 1895
Willie Donnelly Clyde Unknown May 1896
Robert Neill Hibernian Unknown 2 May 1896
Players sold
Player Club Fee Date
Tom Wyllie Bury Unknown 1893
James Kelso Renton Unknown 1 January 1893
Sydney Ross Cambuslang Unknown 1893
John Miller Sheffield Wednesday Unknown June 1893
Jock Smith Sheffield Wednesday Unknown 2 August 1893
James Henderson Broxburn Athletic Unknown 1894
Douglas Dick Third Lanark Unknown 1894
Billy McOwen Blackpool Unknown 1894
David Henderson Rob Roy Unknown August 1894
Patrick Gordon Blackburn Rovers Unknown October 1894
John Givens Paisley Abercorn Unknown 1895
Bill McCann Paisley Celtic Unknown March 1895
James Cleland St Bernard's Returns from loan 30 April 1895
Robert Neill Hibernian Returns from loan 30 April 1895
Jim McBride Manchester City Unknown December 1895
Barney Battles Celtic Returns from loan April 1896
Players used
Player Appearances Minutes Goals
Joe McQue 82 7380 6
Duncan McLean 82 7380 4
Matt McQueen 75 6750 7
Malcolm McVean 74 6660 29
John McCartney 71 6390 2
Andrew Hannah 69 6210 1
Hugh McQueen 61 5490 18
Jim McBride 56 5040 7
Harry Bradshaw 52 4680 28
Jimmy Ross 31 2790 12
Patrick Gordon 30 2700 8
Billy McOwen 27 2430 0
Tom Wyllie 25 2250 15
John Miller 24 2160 25
David Henderson 23 2070 12
John McLean 21 1890 0
Sydney Ross 21 1890 0
David Hannah 18 1620 6
John Drummond 18 1620 1
John Curran 18 1620 0
Jimmy Stott 17 1530 14
Bill McCann 17 1530 0
Neil Kerr 12 1080 3
Jock Smith 11 990 5
Douglas Dick 11 990 2
John Givens 10 900 3
Jonathan Cameron 9 810 5
Andrew Kelvin 6 540 0
Frank Becton 5 450 4
Billy Dunlop 5 450 0
James Cameron 4 360 0
Philip Kelly 3 270 0
Albert Worgan 2 180 2
Hugh Henderson 2 180 0
James Henderson 1 90 0
William Hughes 1 90 0
James Cleland 1 90 0
Gerard Powys Dewhurst 1 90 0
James Kelso 1 90 0
Robert Neill 1 90 0
Joe Pearson 1 90 0
Wally Richardson 1 90 0
John Whitehead 1 90 0