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Robbie Ashcroft aka Mottman is well known amongst Liverpool fans. He's written quite a lot about his experiences following his dearly beloved Liverpool and is one of the best writers on the net. LFChistory has been in contact with him and we got permission from him to publish his articles on LFChistory. His writings have been published on "Red and white kop" and other prestigious LFC websites.

His articles that we have received revolve around his memories of watching Liverpool play in Europe in the 1976-77 season when LFC first won the European Cup + one article on the infamous charity shield match vs. Leeds in 1974.

Here is an example of his writings.                   

Our first game in the Spion Kop was to be Roger Hunt’s Testimonial. For the next week my Mum, Dad and Brother kept saying, "I hope you know what you are letting yourself into" On the way to the match, none of us mentioned the Spion Kop, but I think we were all nervous but wouldn’t admit it. We got into the Spion Kop, even the fella on the gate said "Are you sure, you want to come in here" moved near to the middle and claimed a barrier to sit on. Easy!!! What is all the fuss about?

                From Roger Hunt's testimonial

As the crowd began to build up we noticed how cramped our space had become. We must have climbed up and got knocked off the barrier two dozen times at least. What a night, suddenly all of us seemed to know all the words to all the Liverpool songs; we sang our hearts out. For the first time in our lives we where independent and had been fully introduced and accepted into the world famous Spion Kop. The smell of sweaty dockers, urine and tobacco would never be forgotten. "Sir" Roger Hunt was my first Liverpool hero, I will never ever forget you or your testimonial.

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