Made The Swiss Roll

Robbie Ashcroft (aka Mottman) relives the path to European cup glory in 1977. This article was previously published on the forum of redandwhitekop



Date 6th April 1977 - European Cup semi final 1st leg at Letzigrund Stadium - Zurich
Zurich 1 -  Liverpool 3 [Neal 14 – 67 pen Heighway 48] - Attendance 30,500


1. Ray Clemence
2. Phil Neal
3. Joey Jones
4. Tommy Smith
5. Ray Kennedy
6. Emlyn Hughes
7. Kevin Keegan
8. Jimmy Case
9. Steve Heighway
10. Dave Fairclough
11. Terry McDermott

Subs not used: Peter McDonnell – Dave Johnson – Brian Kettle – Alan Waddle – Sammy Lee.

1.Karl Grob
2.Max Heer
3.Pius Fischbach
4.Hilmar Zigerlig
5.Pierre Chapuisat
6.Jakob Kuhn
7.Ernst Rutschmann
8.Fredy Scheiwiler
9.Peter Risi
10. Hanjo Weller
11. Rene Botteron

The trip to Zurich was a lively one indeed there was an air of expectancy as we boarded our flight from Speke Airport. This might sound strange, but we knew at that time that Liverpool would come home with a win. Once we’d cleared custom’s we boarded a coach direct to the ground, this was a Liverpool FC organised trip in conjunction with Town’s Travel.  We never really liked travelling with the “The Anfield Special Club” they tended to get you there and back as quickly as possible, but on this occasion Liverpool FC insisted on it.  Needless to say thousands of Liverpudlians made the trip over to Switzerland, spirits where high but not as high as the prices over there? We’d been warned that the cost of living was at least twice that of ours. The first thing we did was get away from the Anfield Special crowd, how people let themselves be bossed around by a steward who was just an ordinary supporter was beyond us.  We set off on our way and decided that rather than waste what little spending money we had on extortionate beer prices, we’d
stock up on cheap local ale from a “Mace” type store and sit outside and blimp the women.

The official capacity of Zurich’s Letzigrund stadium was 29,000, the attendance that night was 30,500 - that many Liverpudlians turned up that they had to let us in. Hundreds of coach / car travelling Liverpudlians were left stranded at the Belguim / Germany border, the decision to fly over proved worthwhile.  The atmosphere inside the Letzigrund Stadium was unreal to say the least, as the teams walked out we went ballistic whilst the [reserved] Swiss quietly clapped. 

 A goal down within five minutes of the start, when Risi scored from a penalty things weren’t looking good?  “Liv-er-pool, Liv-er-pool” the Kopies roared. The Reds bounced back and it came as no surprise when Phil Neal bounded up on the blind side of the Zurich defence to stab home an equaliser. Everyone went crazy as we bounced the night away. Liverpudlians had indeed invaded Zurich with pockets of Scoucers in every section of the ground “Scoucers here Scoucers there Scoucers every fxxxing where na na na na na na na na na.”  

A famous flag from that night simply said.


Steve Heighway led the Swiss a merry dance he tormented the defence something rotten. Early in the 2nd half he tormented them one more time and scored a cracking goal that left the Zurich defence in tatters and demoralised. Once again the crowd went up, that was the moment we knew Rome would soon be on our agenda. Liverpool quite simply upped the tempo of the game, this left the Swiss chasing Red shadows. “Where the greatest team in Europe and we’re going to Italy – Italy – Italy.” on and on we sang the Reds along. Steve Heighway was having a field day, there was only one way to stop him… On the 67th minute the Zurich defence [Fischbach] found a way to stop him PENALTY?  Mr Reliable [Phil Neal] promptly stepped up and calmly tucked away his second goal of the night. The Reds turned up the heat for a while as chance after chance came and went, the last 10-15 minutes were played at walking pace as the Reds simply kept possession. We had now effectively sealed the outcome of the Semi Final even before the home leg had taken place, we knew Zurich couldn’t score three past us at Anfield.  As you can imagine all the old favourites bellowed around the ground in honour of a truly remarkable feast of football from the Reds. At the end of the game a fine rendition of “We love you Liverpool” was sang direct to the players who stood in front of us to acknowledge the support.  A couple of new songs made their debut that night which would forever be held in a special place for those that remember.
We're on our way to Roma
On the 25th of May
All The Kopites will be singing
Vatican bells they will be ringing
Liverpool boys they will be drinking
When we win the European Cup

Of course Joey Jones led the singing until it was time for the Reds to return to the dressing room for further celebrations. Making our way back to the Airport, word was going around that a jewellers had been hit and that a substantial amount had been taken. Once we’d got back home press estimates suggested over £20,000 had been stolen? 

Date 6th April 1977 - European Cup semi final 2nd leg at Anfield
Liverpool 3 [Case 33 & 79 – Keegan 83 ] – Zurich 0 - Attendance 50,611

"Joey Makes The Swiss Roll."

1.   Ray Clemence
2.   Phil Neal
3.   Joey Jones
4.   Tommy Smith
5.   Ray Kennedy
6.   Emlyn Hughes
7.   Kevin Keegan
8.   Jimmy Case
9.   Steve Heighway
10.   Dave Fairclough
11.   Terry McDermott

Subs not used: Peter McDonnell – Dave Fairclough - Sammy Lee – Brian Kettle

1.   Karl Grob
2.   Max Heer
3.   Pius Fischbach
4.   Hilmar Zigerlig
5.   Pierre Chapuisat
6.   Jakob Kuhn
7.   Ernst Rutschmann
8.   Fredy Scheiwiler
9.   Peter Risi
10.   Hanjo Weller
11.   Rene Botteron

The second leg against Zurich was little more than a formality following the superb result in Switzerland. Liverpool was the unemployment “black spot” of the UK at that time and up to 4,000 decided to stay away from this game and instead kept whatever cash they had for the “trip of a lifetime to Rome.”  Two goals by Jimmy Case and another from Kevin Keegan put this semi final beyond any reasonable doubt, as those in the ground went mental.  The tune of Arriverdici Roma echoed around Anfield, as the massed ranks once again boomed out our latest ditty. This was the first time Sammy Lee was promoted to the first team squad, even though he was just 17 at the time.  Alan Waddle played the last of his 21 appearances for the Reds in the second half, failing to add the solitary goal of his Liverpool career, scored memorably against Everton in 1973 [my first trip to Goodison?]

Joey Jones by now had reached "Cult status" with flags and banners about him were appearing all over the place. Following on from "JOEY EATS FROGS LEGS" was "JOEY MAKES THE SWISS ROLL. " Joey's popularity really was incredible, he was a boy from the Street’s who was able to live our dreams. 

The usual pandemonium broke out as we sang our loyalties and undying love for the Redmen from Liverpool. “It-a-lee! It-a-lee! We’re the greatest team in Europe an we’re going to Italy.” It was strange walking out of Anfield that night, a surreal feeling hit you - Liverpool Football Club would be playing in this years European Cup final in Rome. Get in there!  

We're on our way to Roma
on the 25th of May
All the Kopites will be singing
Vatican bells they will be ringing
Liverpool boys they will be drinking
when we win the European Cup

Copyright - Robbie Ashcroft


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