Dear Yossi

Dear Yossi,

Only a few weeks ago, at Tal Ben-Haim's wedding, you asked me if you should move to Liverpool. Obviously, and without any hesitation, I replied that no offence to the teams you've played for before, but a move to Liverpool would not just be taking a step up, but more like going up a few storeys.

Yossi, you will be playing at Anfield, the Temple of Temples in world football. I remember that almost 30 years ago (it's unbelievable how time flies), when I signed for Liverpool, I didn't know that I was joining such a huge club.

Ronnie Rosenthal was the first Israeli player for Liverpool (after me), and he had won the league with Liverpool (but not the European cup, which I've won). And so today you go to Liverpool and complete an unbelievable Israeli Triple. Just to think that three Israelis from a country where football is quite mediocre compared to European football have joined a team as big as this one is an indescribable achievement. Liverpool is not just another football club, but a professional institute with a glorious tradition, and one of the biggest teams in European football.

Liverpool is the cream of the crop. LFC's fan base is one of the best in the world, and only a few days ago I was asked by the chairman of the Israeli Supporters club to join them for a special night. You just cannot describe so very briefly the power, quality, support and love of Liverpool supporters, and I'm a consistent guest of this club ever since I came back to Israel, when I went from a player who had won titles with Liverpool to one of hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world.

The biggest tip I can give you Yossi is that you came to Liverpool because of your abilities and your manner, and if you persist in your football playing (although you'll be facing a more fierce competition for your place, it is after all, Liverpool), and the way you behave on and off the pitch, you are on the right way to success.
Remember, big players from different clubs who come to play in clubs with bigger players will become better players with more quality.

I wish you all the best at your new club, and remember that we always support you.

Avi Cohen.

This letter appeared in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper in Israel.

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