Chelsea hand out the punishment

It was a great result for Chelsea but a bad one for England manager Ron Greenwood. For two of the men most at fault in the Liverpool defensive shambles were England goalkeeper Ray Clemence and England captain Emlyn Hughes.

Bob Paisley, in his straight-talking summing-up, blamed Clemence for two goals, the first and the fourth – “He wasn’t expecting a shot from young Clive Walker but he shouldn’t be beaten form out there.”

And Paisley criticised Clemence for hesitating as he came off his line to meet Bill Garner’s challenge for the last goal. Hughes took his criticism like a man, “I deserved it,” he said. “I haven’t been playing well for weeks. I made a number of bad mistakes, and was lucky not to be punished more. We all made mistakes.”

The European champions were locked in their dressing room for 75 minutes afterwards, then flied but to the coach white faced and, in the main, unspeaking. Paisley had called them “apathetic” and it hurt their pride.

“They didn’t learn the main lesson,” he said. “You get nothing for yesterday. They had sawdust between the ears. I don’t want to take credit from Chelsea, but we gave them all four goals.”

Paisley and his backroom staff must shoulder some of the blame. Terry McDermott and Jimmy Case were injured, but how could he pick David Johnson at right half? In the second half Johnson moved up to centre forward but Steve Wicks beat him almost every time, and Chelsea skipper Ron Harris had what must have been one of his best game in 17 years at the club against £440,000 Kenny Dalglish.

Walker, the fastest sprinter on Chelsea’s books with a best time of 11-2 for the 100 yards in football boots, ran Joey Jones into submission, and Jones had to be substituted. But why was Jones switched from his usual left back position to right back, with Phil Neal crossing over?
“We’ve been doing that for a few matches,” said Paisley. In the welter of self-criticism by the champions a splendidly plucky performance by Chelsea must not be overlooked.

Copyright - Daily Mail, 09-01-1978- Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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