Match details

Nottingham Forest 2 - 2 Liverpool

Game date: Saturday 8 January 1949 at 14:00 Stadium: City Ground
Competition: FA Cup 3rd round Attendance: 35,000
Half - time score: 2 - 0 Referee: Leuty AW
Manager: George Kay Opposition manager: William Walker

Opposition lineup

Harry Walker, Geoff Thomas, James Clarke, Sid Ottewell, Horace Gage, Jack Burkitt, Freddie Scott, George Wilkins, Bill Hullett, Tom Johnson, George Lee

Opposition goals

Bill Jones scored an own goal on 24'
Freddie Scott 37'


- Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 28.63
- Average age of the Nottingham Forest starting lineup: 28.75
- The scorer of the second LFC goal is somewhat confusing, as the Saturday Echo gives it as Done, the Post gives as Paisley and the Express says Jones. The Times and Guardian both give this as Done. However, according to the Echo and Express for the following Monday the players themselves confirmed that it was in fact Paisley who scored: "Practically every Liverpool player joined in the goal onslaught as time petered out and when Liddell centred several rushed in. Bill Jones played it towards goal but the lads assured me after that Paisley actually gave it the final touch to give the Reds another chance when all seemed lost," reported the Monday Echo. -Thanks to Graeme and Reg Riley.

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