Match details

2nd Division

Manor Ground | Sat 28 Oct 1893 at 15:00

Woolwich Arsenal 0 - 5 Liverpool


  • - Harry Bradshaw makes his LFC debut
  • - Douglas Dick makes his LFC debut
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 1
  • - Woolwich Arsenal league position after match: 13
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  • - The Liverpool Echo report is rather vague on the scorers of the 1st and 3rd goal, but Lloyds Weekly Newspaper and Yorkshire Herald both credit those goals to McCartney (1st) and Hugh McQueen (3rd). Later statisticians credit the 1st to McLean but Echo clearly says he should be credited with an assist. The fourth goal has also been credited by them to Bradshaw but Echo says he "headed well in from a long kick from his defence,", but Mc’Queen had the pleasure of putting on a fourth so clearly McQueen the scorer.

    The Pall Mall Gazette wasn't impressed with the referee, reporting on 30th October : "The referee was the same gentleman who ordered two players off the field in the Arsenal v Walsall match. Many people considered that he acted in an extremely harsh fashion on that occasion. On Saturday he went to the other extreme and was too lenient. Hence the rough play."

Other details

Manager: William Edward Barclay
Referee: Craven CT
Attendance: 7,000
Half-time score: 0 - 5
Game number: 34
League game number: 9

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