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Lancashire League

Anfield | Sat 25 Mar 1893 at 16:00

Liverpool 2 - 1 Rossendale


  • - Wally Richardson makes his LFC debut
  • - Richardson's sole appearance for Liverpool as he was the trainer of the team who had to be called upon due to lack of players for the game. He played right half and "under the conditions, made a fair show."
    - Liverpool Mercury report says that the first goal was scored after "McVean and Miller rushed up and scored." Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Courier offer more details on the goal. Echo: "The Homesters played up with a little more vigour after this and after two unsuccessful attempts Smith scored from McVean’s centre." Courier: "Faulty kicking on the part of Davies let in McVean who forced a corner and placing well in front of goal Smith put the ball past Holden."
    - No mention of second goal in either Courier or Echo, but Liverpool Mercury says: "Liverpool scored again from a well placed corner by McQueen, McVean being the operator."

Other details

Manager: William Edward Barclay
Attendance: 2,000
Game number: 24

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