The rise of Goddard

Arthur Goddard, who has been transferred from Glossop to Liverpool, ought to make an enviable name now that he has entered the ranks of last year’s League Champions.

Certainly the class of players with whom he will be associated should better tend to the full development of his skill.

Even in the past he has been reckoned good enough to get his international trial cap and to play for the English League against the Irish League, but he has never quite fulfilled first expectations.

Perhaps with some more able colleagues he will do so.

Goddard is a clever dribbler, beats a half-back very smartly, and centres with excellent judgment. He is also a good shot, and plays the game most intelligently. At first he does not look fast, but his long strides take him over the ground quickly, and as an all-round player he has large possibilities.

The transfer price is said to exceed £400; Glossop originally paid Stockport County £260 for him.

Seeing that Glossop agreed to let Goddard go, I am not surprised to find Mr. Tom Watson has secured him, for the Derbyshire officials and those of Liverpool have been on excellent terms for some time; indeed, who is not well disposed towards “T.W.”

Copyright - Lancashire Evening Post, 01-03-1902 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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