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By Ijay

Quiet confidence at Anfield.

Better News of Injured Players

Can Bradshaw hold Dixie Dean.

The Cup news from Anfield is much more hopeful than it was a week ago. I can now state that Lucas and Wright can be regarded as certain if the directors desire to utilise their services. What will be the outcome of the match, against Everton in round three? This is the question to which every football enthusiast is trying to find an answer. To my mind will depend on the conditions obtaining on January 9. It the ground is ice-bound or covered with slush and snow, it is bound to have an effect on the result. At all events it is going to be one of the greatest Derby games ever from the point of view of excitement and attendance, if not as regards the standard of play. Liverpool are keen and quietly confident. They realise that they are faced with a tremendous task, but they believe they have the necessary attributes to pull through. They have certainly played no better Football this season than at present, and as I have said before, I have seen no finer “last six” in any side this canter. Defence cannot win matches; it is able, true they can save points, and for this reason I believe Everton are going to have one of their hardest tasks. Everton cannot win until they have scored, and Liverpool are going to make a big effort to save that first goal which means so much. Everton, it must be remembered, have scored more home goals than any club in the Football League, but Liverpool tie with the Villa for second place. As the Cup-tie is at Goodison Park, Liverpool's task is indeed a serve one, but is admitted everywhere that they are just the club to rise to the occasion. Next Tuesday when the selectors choose their team for the game, they will have to make up their minds about two important positions. Will McRorie or McPherson be left out for Wright, who is certain to play so long as he perfectly fit, and will they leave out Jackson, whose last match it will be until nearing the end of the season, and bring in Lucas. These questions may take a lot of answering, but we can rest assured that the directors will view the situation from every angle.

Centre Forward Quest.

In the meantime the Reds' officials are still searching for the elusive centre forward who, it is hoped will solve their centre problems. He is very hard to find but perhaps, when he is eventually landed at Anfield (may be this weekend) the new life and dash necessary in the line will be infused. The Reds did well over the holiday periods to take three of the four points at stake against Sheffield Wednesday, but once more it must be admired that in the main they were earned by a really solid defence, which never tired under much heavy pressure. Steel is improving with every game, and this is high praise indeed when we recall his successful debut against Derby County three matches ago. He is probably the best back on the books of the Anfield club just now. His refusal to be flurried is one of his great assets.

Bradshaw in the Breach.

Bradshaw, too, has never played more delightful or effective football. He stood between the side and defeat at Hillsborough. His vast experience stood him in good stead. He has the happy knack of bringing the best out of his colleagues when it is most needed. It may well be that the Jan 9 problem will boil itself down to whether Bradshaw can hold Dean. Bradshaw has the height, the weight and the skill to do his task effectively.


January 2 nd 1932. Evening Express Football Edition

Liverpool – Everton Games recall

Famous Figures in Epic Struggles.

By the Pilot.

On Saturday next, at Goodison Park, Everton and Liverpool will meet for the fifth time in a Football Association cup-tie. Already I have received many queries regarding the hectic battles of yesterday –who played goal for Liverpool in the 1905 tie? Who scored Everton's winning goal in the 1911 match? And such like. I have been through the files of The Liverpool Evening Express, and taken notes of those former Merseyside cup “Derbies.” The table to date is;

1901-02 Liverpool 2, Everton 2 (at Anfield)

Liverpool 2 Everton 0 (at Goodison Park)

1904-05 Liverpool 1 Everton 1 (at Anfield)

Everton 2 Liverpool 1 (at Goodison Park)

• Everton 2 Liverpool 0 (at Villa Park)

1910-11 Everton 2 Liverpool 1 (at Goodison Park)

It will be seen that on three occasions the Blues have won through, and in 1905-06 they went on to win the Cup which is the only occasion it has found a resting-place on Merseyside. Below I give a brief summary of the previous cup meetings of the clubs.

Jan 13, 1902. Anfield. Round 1. (Receipts £800) Liverpool 2; Everton 2. Teams; - Liverpool; Perkins; Robertson, Dunlop; Wilson, Raisebeck, Goldie; Robertson, Hunter, McGuigan, Fleming, Cox.

Everton; Kitchen; Balmer, Eccles; Wolstenholme, Booth, Abbott; Sharp, Taylor, Young, Bowman, Bell. Referee Mr. John Lewis.

Terrific Struggle.

Liverpool showed as the superior combination, and led at the interval through a penalty goal by Robertson. Kitchen saved Robinson's first shot. The Liverpool player following up and netted. Five minutes after the interval Booth provided Taylor with the opening to equalise before Cox put in a splendid run before crossing to Hunter, who restored Liverpool's lead with a beautiful shot just under the bar. A terrific struggle ensued until, following a foul against Raisebeck, Eccles placed accurately for Jack Sharp to equlise and force the replay. During this game no fewer than three free kicks were placed direct into the net, but under the prevailing rules these did not count as goals.

Jan 30, 1902 –Goodison Park. Replay (receipts £710). Everton 0; Liverpool 2.

The only change was the substitute on of Bert Sharp for Eccles at left back for Everton.

Much clever football was seen with Liverpool enjoying the better of the exchanges, the Blues often being penned into their own half for long periods. Abbott missed an open goal before Liverpool took the lead in 40 minutes. Bert Sharp brought down McGuigan and Balmer, in trying to clear Raisbeck's free kick, placed into his own goal. Eight minutes after the interval Hunter added Liverpool's second and later McGuigan struck the post. Game become uninteresting towards the end owing to definite superiority of Liverpool, who played with greater dash and vigour throughout.

February 4, 1905. (Anfield) Round 1 (Receipts £1,070)

Liverpool 1, Everton 1.

Teams; Liverpool; Doig; West, Dunlop; Parry, Raisebeck, Fleming; Goddard, Robinson, Parkinson, Raybound, Cox. Everton; Roose, R. Balmer, Crelly; Makepeace, Taylor, Abbott; Sharp, McDermott, Young, Settle, Hardman.. Referee Mr. John Lewis.

Wonderful Doig.

Had it not been for the wonderful goalkeeping of Doig Everton would have taken the lead. The report states “Everton swarmed around Doig like bees, but the goalkeeper held them at bay.” Parkinson, gave Liverpool the lead following good work by Cox and Robinson. Hardman netted shortly after resumption, but was ruled offside, and it was not until near the end that Makepeace equalised from a penalty for a foul on Young.

Jan 8, 1906 (Goodison park) Replay (Receipts £1,020)

Everton 2, Liverpool 1

The only change was that Carlin appeared at inside right for Liverpool in place of Robinson, and within three minutes McDermott had given Everton the lead following clever inter-passing with Sharp. Dunlop was found at fault in this instance. Liverpool fought back well, Roose saving Everton on several occasions, Raisebeck was the inspiration of the Reds. Four minutes after the interval Goddard equalised. Thrilling exchanges followed, and it was not until five minutes from time that Sharp broke through for a centre which enabled Hardman to give Everton victory.

Match 13, 1906 (Villa Park) Semi-final (receipts £1,701)

Everton 2, Liverpool 0

Teams; Liverpool; Hardy; West, Dunlop; Parry, Raisebeck, Bradley; Goddard, Robinson, Carlin, Hewitt, Everton; Scott; R. Balmer, Crelly; Abbott, Taylor, Makepeace; Sharp, Bolton, Young, Settle, Hardman.

Liverpool were handicapped through forward changes, but opened favorites. It was 33 minutes before a corner was forced –this went to the Blues, who enjoyed the balanced of play, and would have gone ahead it not been for Hardy, who played one of the best games of his career.

Won on their merit.

There was no score at the interval, but after 10 minutes of the second half Abbott scored with a shot which seemed to be reflected by Dunlop. In the next raid Hardman headed the second goal. Liverpool became ragged after this, and Everton won on their merits.

Feb 4, 1911 (at Goodison Park) Round 2 (receipts £1,150)

Everton 2 Liverpool 1

Teams; Everton; Scott; Stevenson, MaConnachie; Harris, R. Young, Makepeace; Gourlay, Lacey, Magner, A. Young, Beare. Liverpool; Hardy; Longsworth, Crawshaw; Robinson, Harrop, McConnell; Goddard, Stewart, Parkinson, Orr, Uren.

Liverpool scored first though Parkinson, and it was a curious goal. Following a free kick the ball was twice charged down before Parkinson managed to lob it out of Scott's reach. Everton appealed that the ball had crossed the line, when hardy made a magnificent save from Gourlay, but the referee ruled against them. Liverpool held their lead to half-time. Everton were the better side after the interval, and after Beare had missed with a good opening he centred perfectly for A. Young to head a pretty goal. Stewart failed with an absolutely open goal, and then Sandy Young got his second and the winning goal with curling shot from the edge of the penalty area, which hardy reached but could not stop. Incidentally, Sandy Young was the outstanding player on the field, his footwork being astonishing in its accuracy. Hardy was the best Red on view.

Jan 9, 1932 (Goodison Park); Round 3

Everton ? Liverpool ?
Yes, we must wait and see.

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