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“Take-your-Chances” Forwards Break Six Year' Spell: Barton's Quartette.

Liverpool scored a smashing “Derby” triumph at Anfield today when they defeated Everton 7-4. It's Liverpool's first League victory over Everton for six years. And the champions heaviest defeat this season. Barton had a field day. He scored four goals, the others being scored by Hanson, Morrison, and Roberts. Everton's goals' were scored by Dean (2), Johnson and Stein.
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Liverpool Sprang a surprise on Everton in the Derby game at Anfield today. After dean had made the first blow with a goal in five minutes, Liverpool retaliated with an equaliser by Barton and followed with further goals by Hanson and Morrison. Thus at the end of 36 minutes Liverpool led 3-1. A minute from the interval Johnson reduced Everton's arrears.

One minute before the game kicked off there must have been 40,000 present, and the crowds were still pouring in. Has usual the teams came out together accompaniment of great cheering. Liverpool:- Scott, goal; Steel and Jackson, backs; Morrison, Bradshaw (captain) and McPherson, half-backs; Taylor, Wright, Barton, Roberts and Hanson, forwards. Everton: - Sagar goal; Cook, and Cresswell, backs; Britton, White and Thomson, half-backs; Geldard, Dunn, Dean (captain), Johnson, and Stein, forwards. Referee Mr. E. E. Hull (Burnley).

The Game.

Bradshaw won the toss for Liverpool, and the first second or two Steel just prevented Dean from netting, but Dunn ran in, and shot over the bar. Them Geldard gave McPherson the run about, but his centre was not a good one, Bradshaw nipped in to find touch.

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Everton did some good work before defensive brilliantly from Barton and Taylor in attendance.

Neat intercepting between Barton and Wright resulted in Barton firing in a great shot, which Sagar cleverly pushed over the top. The corner kick was easily cleared by Cook, and Everton were at the attack again. Cook held up Barton, and at the other end Scott conceded as corner to Dean. Hanson hit the woodwork in a Liverpool raid, and the ball passed behind. Dave Wright was making a clever solo dribble through the Everton defence when he was fouled. Morrison took the free kick, and it was a good one. The ball stuck a player in its flight and beat Sagar, who was taken by surprise.

Scott in Action.

Everton made desperate attempts to reduce the arrears, and it was undoubtedly Scott who changed the running of the game by making two remarkable saves on the ground. He then made a wonderful save from Geldard, who one minute from time made one of the most glorious dribbles I have seen. Geldard sent the ball back to Johnson, who made a first time shot, giving Scott no chance of saving.

Half-time Liverpool 3, Everton 2.

The second half opened with a thrilling save by Scott from Stein, who had been allowed to go through while the Liverpool defenders were claiming for offside. Liverpool attacked and Wright shot well after Sagar had punched out from Hanson's centre. Cook appeared to handle in the penalty area, but the referee ignored Liverpool's appeal. Stein was presented with a great chance of equalising, but could do no better than force a corner from Scott. The corner was only cleared after Geldard had hit the side netting. Sagar had to pick up and clear from Barton, who twice beat Thomson without ever touching the ball. Wright had a good chance of putting Liverpool further ahead as a result of his own good play, but his shot finished up near the corner flag. Barton netted not knowing the whistle had sounded for offside, then Scott saved Johnson's first time shot. Barton was fouled by Cook when in a good position, but Bradshaw's free kick hit an Everton defender and Sagar picked up to clear.

Roberts Forces Corner.

Britton conceded a corner to hold off Roberts, but Taylor placed the flag kick behind.

Two Goal Lead Again.

Liverpool regained their two-goal lead when after 12 minutes of the second half Taylor and Barton got through while the Everton defence were appealing unnecessarily for offside. Taylor centred well, and Barton forced in the ball off Cresswell, who had tried to cover the path. There was some dispute as to the actual scorer of the goal, but after making inquiries I found it was credited to Barton. Everton replied with stern pressure, but Thomson and Geldard were wide of their mark from scoring chances. Good work by Hanson and Barton nearly brought Liverpool's fifth goal, but Barton's header found much before Taylor could reach the ball. Liverpool gave themselves a three goal lead at the end of 69 minutes, when Morrison sent the ball up the centre to Barton, who made no mistake in drawing Sagar and beating him from close range. The referee appealed to his linesman on the question of whether Barton was offside, but the linesman decided in favour of Barton. Everton were persevering, and after four corners they reduced the lead with a great header by Dean. Liverpool sprang into action and Roberts raced through to score a sixth goal for the Reds. Six minutes from the end Liverpool increased their lead to four goals when Barton scored a seventh after a bad error of judgement on Cresswell's part. Three minutes from the end Stein reduced the arrears for Everton. Liverpool's seven goals is the highest they have ever recorded in the series of Derby games. Their previous highest was five in 1922-23, and in 1925-26. The eleven goals scored today is easily the highest aggregate scored in the Derby games. This also is the first time since the war period that Everton have conceded seven goals. Final Liverpool 7 Everton 4.

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