Lethal Leishman snuffs Hamilton

For those who know their Sheffield United it will come as a shock to hear that they were out-footballed. Come to think of it it will also surprise those who think they know their Liverpool.

For Bill Shankly's Liverpool are a changed side. They think more, thump less. Chase more, chance less. And their football rippled even from the hands of goalkeeper Bert Slater. His throws sparked attacks almost as frequently as the push-passing of Gerry Byrne; the saucy flicks of Jimmy Harrower; the wing-half service of terrific Tommy Leishman.

Leishman, deadpan and deliberate, snuffed out Willie Hamilton with a 15th-minute tackle. Willie faded. And without him United wobbled to a stop.

Bob Rooney prodded Sheffield into second half life with a skill that should blossom with experience. But he couldn't go it alone against a defence dominated by Dick White.

Jimmy Melia, Shankly's answer to Liverpool's right-wing problem, seems less at home there than inside. But he was as good as the next in the punch-packed attack.

Jimmy scored the first goal. Roger Hunt, who looks as if he was born with his boots on, got the others.

Classy Graham Shaw did most to stop United from total collapse. But his usually nerveless namesake Joe had a jittery game against Dave Hickson.

Which reminds me.

Dave was sent off six minutes from time, a tragic, harsh end to Liverpool's great day. If Dave hadn't been aggravated he wouldn't have been booked a minute earlier. And if he hadn't been booked the tackle that brought banishment would probably have earned no more than a caution - even from such a fussy referee as Jack Pickles.

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