No love on St. Valentine’s Day

As the sequel to incidents in the Liverpool – Newcastle United, First League match at Anfield on St. Valentine’s Day, three players have been heavily punished – one of the trio, Jock McNab, of Liverpool, being suspended for the long period of six weeks. The official announcement was issued to-day in the following terms:

Liverpool v. Newcastle, 14th February, 1925. The Football Association has considered reports from the officials of the match alleging misconduct by players on the field of play.
Jock McNab, of the Liverpool F.C., is suspended for six weeks, and Walter Wadsworth of the same club for one month. T. Urwin, of Newcastle, was also suspended for one month. The suspensions in each case commence on 4th March.

Copyright - Nottingham Evening Post, 03-03-1925 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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