Parkinson grabs four

Liverpool and Notts Forest decided their League fixture at Anfield yesterday before 5,000 spectators. Liverpool were without Jim Harrop and Ronald Orr, Peake and Bowyer deputising. John Horrocks and George Wolfe were absent from the Forest team.

The opening play favoured Liverpool, but Notts defence was good. Hardy was called upon, but saved finely. Morris later struck the post, and just before the interval Bowyer and Parkinson scored for Liverpool, and Derrick for Forest.

Liverpool had all the play in the second half, and some heavy scoring took place. Soon after the restart the Forest went away, and Marrison equalised, but Liverpool asserted their superiority, and Parkinson put Liverpool ahead. Bowyer scored the fourth goal, and a slack defence allowed Derrick to add another for the visitors. Parkinson obtained two more goals, four in all, and Stewart put on the seventh, Liverpool running out easy winners.

Copyright - Dundee Courier, 21-04-1910  - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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