Ince has ferocious swipe at Kop two

Paul Ince last night launched an astonishing attack on Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier and his assistant Phil Thompson - claiming they are dragging the club down.

The bitter England star also claimed Houllier ''hasn't got a clue'' about managing players off the field, and accused the Frenchman of forcing him out of the club he loves after treating him in ''a disgraceful way''.

Ince let fly as he sealed his 1million pound move to Middlesbrough with a goal for his new club in the 5-2 friendly win over Huddersfield yesterday.

He declared himself delighted at linking up with his old England pal Bryan Robson at The Riverside - but there was no warmth for the management he has left behind.

''I want Houllier to get the sack and take Thompson down with him,'' fumed Ince.

He claimed the pair lacked ''dignity and class'' adding: ''If they think people are no longer any use to them they treat those people like dirt.

''It's disgraceful the way Houllier has treated me and other players at the club. 'He comes from France and I can't even believe he's managed a team before because he certainly doesn't seem to know how to. 'It's okay coming out with all this technical stuff about the game but when it comes to managing players off the field as people he certainly doesn't seem to know how to.''

Ince said he was particularly stunned by the way he learned Houllier wanted him out of Anfield.

Ince claimed that after weeks of speculation about his future he finally collared the Frenchman. Houllier then said he had planned to tell Ince he was to be replaced by a new player - the day before the Liverpool squad were to start pre-season training!

Ince added: ''I thought to myself 'I can't believe I'm hearing this'. 'And I said to him: 'You've had months to tell me but you decided you were going to do it just before pre-season. I can't believe this - it's total c**p!'. I just wanted to punch Houllier in the face. If I was younger I would have. He would have deserved it.''

Ince was equally scathing about Thompson, saying: ''All Thommo does is shout his mouth off, he doesn't coach. 'Yes, he was once a great player for the club but now he's meant to be a coach. He should realise that coaching is not about swearing at players and that's all he does. 'Some take that stuff but others simply go into their shells. This is why Thommo is doing more harm than good behind the scenes - players are too scared to say anything about it publicly.''

Ince stressed that he has nothing but respect for the Anfield club, its board and its fans - but could never say the same about Houllier and Thompson after his bitter experiences with the pair.

He said: ''Liverpool are the kind of club that deserves success. It is a great club surrounded by great people. But they have a management that will just drag the place down. That can't be right for a club as big as Liverpool, can it?''

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