Jones apologises ... but still gets ban

Rob 'Trigger' Jones has apologised for his "Moment of madness" in Wednesday's League Cup meeting with Sunderland.

"It won't happen again," said the repentant England star. Jones added: "I thought it was a bad tackle by Smith on Barnes. The whistle had already gone and the guy must have heard it but still went through. I went over to tell him what I thought but before I got to him he fell on the ground and started holding his ankle. What really wound me up was the player who came in behind me and kicked me, I just lost my head and waded into him. I know you shouldn't react like that whatever the provocation. I'm not known for having a short fuse but I certainly had one that night."

Jones will get a three match ban and a club fine - anything up to £5,000 - but it shouldn't affect his eligibilty for the Brondby UEFA Cup tie as FA bans don't carry on into European competitions.

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