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Liverpool Sen. Cup at Final

Hawthorne Road | Saturday 22 April 1893

Everton 0 - 1 Liverpool



  • Info: The first ever Merseyside derby in history played at Bootle's ground
  • McOwen, Hannah, McLean, McCartney, McQue, McBride, Wyllie, McVean, Miller, M. McQueen, H. McQueen.

    by Stan Liversedge from "Liverpool - The Official Centenary History"

    Herbie Arthur, from Blackburn Rovers, had been handed the job of refereeing the match. When he blew the whistle to start the game, Miller kicked off for Liverpool, who faced the sun while Everton had to face a strong wind. From the beginning the match was extremely competitive, to say the least, though many of the tackles went unpunished.

    With the match just over half an hour old, Liverpool went ahead as Miller got possession and passed to Wyllie, whose fast, low shot beat Williams. Everton were stung by this goal, and as the tackling became fiercer, referee Arthur had a word with McQue. Half-time came with the scoreline unchanged, and the interval was extended to allow the players to recover from the effects of the heat.

    On the restart, Gordon laid on an easy chance for McMillan, but he miscued his header, the Liverpool broke away and Everton keeper Williams had to race out of his area to clear the danger. Time and again, the referee blew for free-kicks, and from one of them Liverpool netted again, but the goal was ruled out. The tension increased and McQue and Murray had to be seperated. As the fans urged their favourites on, Everton took control and Liverpool were glad to boot the ball into touch.

    In the final minutes of the match, Everton had a corner awarded, and as the ball came into the penalty area, Everton players urged referee Arthur to award a penalty, claiming that a Liverpool defender had fisted the ball away. Mr Arthur didn't see it that way, though he did consult his linesman. He awarded a drop-ball... and as soon as this had been taken, the final whistle went amid general uproar.

    Everton wasted no time in protesting against the result, and complained about 'the general incompetence of the referee'. Because of this Liverpool were not presented with the trophy after the match. Instead the Liverpool Football Association convened a meeting at the Neptune Hotel for the following Monday to discuss the matter. Everton's appeal was dismissed, and the next day - after Liverpool's match against Preston at Anfield - the Liverpool Senior Cup was presented by Liverpool FA president Mr A.B. Hull, who offered congratulations upon Liverpool's success in having won this cup and the Lancashire League Cup in their first season.

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Attendance: 10,000
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