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Copenhagen | Wednesday 20 May 1914

Kjøbenhavns Boldklub 2 - 5 Liverpool


  • Tour: Tour of Sweden And Denmark (1914)
  • Scott, Longworth, Crawford, Fairfoul, Ferguson, Wadsworth, Sheldon, Banks, Miller, Lacey, Mackinlay.

    Writing under date of May 20, Thomas Fairfoull said: –
    “We arrived in Copenhagen on Monday, 18th, after a journey of thirteen hours from Stockholm. The scenes of enthusiasm witnessed on our arrival in the Swedish capital were entirely wanting on this occasion. We put in the time previous to our first match by sightseeing and driving around in taxis. The boys rather enjoy motor-driving, specially when the club charter the cars. From the talk of the Copenhagen public our chance of winning the first match was slender indeed. The club we were to play had not tasted defeat for two years; the last club to beat them being Newcastle United, who had played them twice, winning one game and losing the other. The other teams to meet them and be defeated were Glasgow Celtic, Clapton Orient, West Ham, and Crystal Palace. This record they intended keeping intact, and it was no secret, in fact, they were very boastful of Liverpool being included in their list of victims. When the boys heard of this it have them the needle, and they were determined to show the Copenhagen public their team had still to learn something of the art of football.

    “The following team was selected: – Scott; Longworth and Crawford; Myself, Ferguson, and Wadsworth; Sheldon, Banks, Miller, Lacey, and McKinlay. The weather was very warm, otherwise the conditions were splendid, the turf being ideal. The Danish team looked a powerful lot. Wherever the ball was kicked we found they were there too. They commenced by using their weight freely. Keeping the ball in the air they rushed our boys off their feet, and certainly looked like keeping their record untarnished. Had they scored in the first ten minutes it would only have been their due. Their finishing, however, left much to be desired. Our boys took some time to settle. The crowd were even beginning to jeer, but once the Reds started there was only one team in the game. Banks and Sheldon keeping the big Danes running after them, and causing much amusement amongst the crowd, who now began to cheer. Lacey scored with a surprise shot after about fifteen minutes play. The combination shown by our boys was very fine, the ball being passed from man to man with great precision.

    “The Danes could not get attacking, every one of them seeming to be on the defensive. It was therefore no surprise when the right back handled in the penalty area from a shot by Banks. The referee awarded a penalty, from which Sheldon scored. The ball was only centred when Lacey fixed on it, and beating all opposition, scored a glorious goal – a real old-fashioned individual effort. ‘Billy’ himself was so pleased he performed a somersault, to the amusement of the spectators. Half-time arrived with us leading by three goals to nil.

    “We had now the benefit of the sun behind us, and it looked as if we were in for an easy second half. The Danes thought otherwise, and started determined to wipe off their arrears. The inside left got the ball, and Longworth tackling him, bowled him over. The referee awarded a penalty, and the centre forward, who took the kick shot past the post. Our boys began taking things easy after this, with the result that the outside right of the Danes beat Crawford nicely and, carrying the ball well up, passed into the centre, who gave Scott no chance of saving. A funny thing now happened. Again the ball was kicked off, our boys carrying it right through, and Banks scored without a Dane touching the ball. The opinion now got amongst the Danish players that we could score whenever we liked. Our boys began playing with the opposition, and the English colony in Copenhagen didn’t forget to cheer.

    “They wanted us to rub it into the Danes, and get as many goals as possible. The Danes however, were not finished with yet, their centre forward again notching a goal which looked suspiciously like offside. We had our revenge just before the finish, Miller scoring from a pass by Banks when in an offside position! The game finished up five goals to two in our favour. The Danes gave a very half hearted cheer at the finish, and it was plain they didn’t relish the idea of their record being broken. One of their best players came up to me at the finish and remarked that we would get a harder match on Sunday against the ‘selected.’ It is the intention of our boys to try and keep a clean sheet on this tour. I fancy we will do so, too. The Danes are certainly the best footballers we have yet met, but far from English League standard.”

    (Liverpool Echo, 26-05-1914 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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Attendance: Unknown
Half-time score: 0 - 3
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