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Idrottsplatsen, Gothenburg | Sunday 10 May 1914

IFK Göteborg 1 - 4 Liverpool



  • Tour: Tour of Sweden And Denmark (1914)
  • - In some records this game was played against Örgyte but was in fact against IFK Göteborg as can be seen in the attachment from Dagens Nyheter. Borjesson scored for Gothenburg at the end of first half when Liverpool were 3-0 up.

    - The game was initially set for Walhalla stadium, an arena owned by Örgryte, but IFK and Örgryte couldn’t agree on the fee, so it was instead held at Idrottsplatsen, a venue owned by the local track cycling club.

    Lineup: Campbell, Longworth, Speakman, Fairfoul, Ferguson, Mackinlay, Sheldon, Banks, Miller, Lacey, Terris.

    Writing from the Hotel Eggers, Goteborg, Thomas Fairfoul said: -
    “We arrived in Gothenburg on Saturday after travelling for three days, to fulfill the first fixture of our tour, which was played on Sunday, the 10th inst. The prevalent opinion amongst those who profess to know something of Continental football was that we would have to play our very best to win. We had an inspection of the ground previous to turning out. It is really a skating pond, but they run water off in the summer. The surface is covered with gravel and rolled as hard as our toll roads. I may say the look of the pitch caused serious misgivings amongst our boys, especially the wing players, as a cement cycle track runs right along the touch line, and it is much closer than Aston Villa’s used to be. The selected team was: - Campbell; Longworth and Speakman; Myself, Ferguson, and McKinlay; Sheldon, Banks, Miller, Lacey, and Terris. I won’t attempt to give the Swedish team, but had the players been as formidable on the field as their names appeared on paper we would have stood a very slight chance of winning. We had a fine reception on appearing – better even than the home team. We won the toss and set our opponents to face the sun. Lacey and Terris gave the spectators a sample of their ability right off. It could be seen at once that Billy was in his best humour. A nice combined run by the whole front rank ended in Terris scoring after about five minutes’ play.

    “Our boys began giving an exhibition, and, as is generally the case in these games, everything they tried came off. Sheldon beat four players in succession, then placed in to Miller, who scored a second goal. The only player who caused any trouble amongst our defenders was the opposing centre forward, and he opened our eyes by his tactics. He repeatedly got the ball in what seemed impossible positions and generally contrived to place to great advantage. A neat header by Banks placed the ball at Miller’s foot, and, shooting first time, our centre scored one of the finest goals I have ever seen. Shortly after the Swedish centre ran through on his own and shooting from eighteen yards left Campbell helpless. This effort was enthusiastically cheered by the spectators and our players were not displeased, as the centre was worthy his goal. We were leading by 3 goals to 1 at half time.

    “The second half calls for very little comment, our boys doing a lot of trickery – which pleased the crowd immensely. About ten minutes from the finish Terris was running in on goal when he had the misfortune to put his foot in a hole and twist his ankle rather badly, having to leave the field. Miller got a fourth, and so performed the ‘hat trick.’ The Swedish players gave our boys three cheers before leaving the field. The teams are fraternising to-morrow night (Monday) at our hotel. The opinion of our boys regarding the Swedes is that they play too much according to the book. It is plainly to be seen they have been tutored. They have no originality. The centre forward is one of the finest players any of our boys have seen. We were all captivated by his display, and on to-day’s form he would displace any centre forward in England. He plays against us in Stockholm again, so we shall have another opportunity of judging him.”
    (Liverpool Echo, 14-05-1914 ) - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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Attendance: 4,000
Half-time score: 1 - 3

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Dagens Nyheter
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