Carra dreams of a team of Hyypias

Jamie Carragher shows his appreciation for Sami Hyypia in December 2005: "Sami has been absolutely superb this season. I thought he was superb last season as well when we won the Champions League. He played a massive part in that. I think there were a few questions asked about Sami's future by people outside the club because I think the manager mentioned he wanted to bring a new centre back in before the start of the season. It never happened for whatever reason and me and Sami have continued to play together and he's been outstanding.

"I think when Sami eventually finishes playing for Liverpool, whenever that is, he'll go down as one of the true greats at this club. I know the fans sing the song for me but Sami deserves as much praise as anyone in the team. I think because he's played so well over the years, he's taken for granted by a lot of fans because you just expect a really solid performance off him. When he does make the odd mistake - which we all do and which I do - it's jumped on now because people say the manager is looking for a new centre-back.

"As I said earlier, no matter what Sami Hyypia does for the rest of his Liverpool career, he will go down in history alongside people like Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Thompson, Ron Yeats and Emlyn Hughes for me. His performances, especially when he first came to the club, were as good as anything in Europe and he's certainly taught me a lot about defending.

He's never flustered at the back, he always keeps very cool and calm and I think that's a great thing to have at the back. You can't lose your head because it's a very important position and if you make a mistake at centre-back then there's a good chance the ball could end up in the back of the net.

"Sami's a player who leads by example with his performances and we just take our lead from him. I can't praise him highly enough."

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The forum shows his appreciation in January 2006:

Puma: You can't loose something you never have and Sami has never had pace. He's not 65 for gods sake. A CB can play up to standards much longer than any other outfield player. Granted Sami had a poor game today by his standards but I just can't believe that ppl can slag him off - think about what he's done for the club - even after coming through a 11 game spell without conceding in! Give it a break!

Puma: Sami can obviously take a bit of a rest just as any other. Rafa used Pellegrino last year to do that but that basically worked wonders for our champions league run - not for our premiership run wich in turn says much about Sami Hyypia.

Fact of the matter is that Sami costs us of like a pair of stockings cost Donald Trump. He's been ever present for us and is a real legend in the making - at least for me. He's one of the best readers in the game and possibly the best interceptor of the ball I've ever seen.

I just fundamentaly don't agree that's he's a. slowing down b. past it c. not up to standard and d. easy to play against.

You are true in saying the pressure is on regarding number of games played. I just think Sami and Rafa will handle it.

I'll say this. I don't think anyone we'll sign will dislodge Carra and Sami as our CB pairing for the season.

Vlad JNR: Sami Hyypia is amazing, i would rather have him than most players around in his posistion. How anyone can have a bad word against him is beyond me. He isn't the fastest player around and never really has been. So what?! pace, although an important factor in the 'modern game' isn't everything, and Sami Hyypia has proved it this season, he's been fantastic, and any criticism thrown against his is nit picking at best.


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