Our motto should be "Upwards"

As I anticipated the directors and shareholders of the Liverpool F.C. had a very pleasant meeting the other evening. It could not be otherwise. The season had been one of unruffled prosperity, and for the second successive year they met as members of a club that had carried off a championship.

They had also made history, the team being the first to pose as champions of the two sections of the League in consecutive seasons. That feat may not be rivalled for a generation, was able to point with pardonable pride to three splendid trophies – the League championship, the Liverpool Cup, and the Dewar Shield – a trio never previously held by any one club.

On top of this came the declaration of a five per cent. dividend and the prospect of a vastly improved ground by the time another season opens. Tom Watson’s reference to the players who had had a share in the brilliant victories were made in his usual happy vein, apt his generous allusion to Everton as the winners of the Football Association Cup awoke a very hearty response. But nothing went down better than his reminder that Alex Raisbeck had been the captain of the team that defeated England.

Really there seems to be no limit to the honour that came the way of Liverpool during the memorable season of 1905-6. Mr. Watson hit the nail on the head when he drew attention to the fact that the club was noted for its up and downs, and his hearers appreciated his wish that they should take “Upwards” as their motto of the future. But the puzzle is how much higher can they go.

Well, the only thing left for them do is to win the English Cup and keep their grip on the championship. And why should they not do it? We shall see in the sweet by and bye.

Copyright - Cricket and Football Field, 16-06-1906 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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