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18:08 Huyton Red

He has been going to Chelsea for months, the European Cup final just got in the way of a deal that had been done months ago

He got all giddy and said he wanted to stay cos he had just lifted the biggest trophy in club football and then a couple of weeks later when his agent come home from his honeymoon and reminded him that Chelsea has a £125,000 a week plus bonuses, plus signing on fee, plus houses, plus cars etc etc offer there then they began to work out an exit strategy

Liverpool did not agree to his 'no champions league' and 'zidane, figo and Beckham to be signed by July' clauses and his initial wage demands within 24 hours so him and his agent breifed every single national paper about non existen training ground bust ups and the fact he felt unloved and Liverpool did not want him

Then when Liverpool, in shock, told everyone that was not in fact true yesterday and agreed to meet his initial demands steven and his agent, did the polite thing, they attended the meeting, then walked straight out the meeting and rang all the journalists they have briefed at the weekend so they could get the story in this mornings papers that talks had again broken down and he was off.

Agonoising all nite my f'ckin ar'se

Now its over, the lad has got what he wanted 12 months ago and has wanted ever since, the most lucrative contract a footballer has ever signed, use of the bosses yaht etc and all the other 'extras'. He has treated the fans, the club and the captaincy like sh'te for a year demanding more and more to make it look like he really wanted to stay, when in fact he was always going

Its not about trophies, its not about ambition, its about mega bucks, houses in london, ridiculous win bonuses and all the other bits and bobs and for that he will get when he signs for Chelsea this week.

The most disgusting betrayl a Liverpool player has ever commited, 6 weeks ago he stood on a bus with the European cup in his hands going round his home city and watched grown men crying their f'ckin eyes out with joy.

He has just walked out on £100,000 a week, his home town club, his home town people, the european champions and the captaincy because £100,000 a WEEK was not enough

He is a f'ckin disgrace to Huyton and to Liverpool every time that grubby little f'cker enters our city he will do with his head down or his face behind blacked out car windows

He could of been the biggest legend of them all and he has sold it all the greedy, arrogant b'astard.


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23:28 PaddyLiverpool

"I'm staying, I've been through a lot over the past few days, my heads in bits, I've made a very rash decision and regret it wholeheartedly and now want to stay with Liverpool. I'm 100% committed to the club and apologise for my behaviour over the past few days and weeks."

Or something to that effect would you welcome him back?

23:32 nd

Nope. I never quite forgave him for doing it last time - detrimental effect on the club and fans - so he can f*** off trying it again.

It would just end up with the same old s**** as before. Lose a few games and he'd be off to Chelsea at the end of the season.

23:36 liverbird04

I would only forgive if he was truly humble and apologetic ,but we are talking about steven gerrard with a huge ego it just won't happen ,we aren'tgood enough for him apparently ,he's the only one who wants to the win the premiership

23:39 reniformis

5 Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

I think with this thread we've probably hit stage 3. I was working late so I'm afraid I'm still at stage 2 and he can f*** right off.

23:52 DaveLFC

No, not now. The panto last year was bad enough but I forgot about that. The strange comments and even those ones about us not being able to win the Champions League puzzled me. The inability to give the fans a concrete answer and his insistance on saying that he would sit down with the manager at the end of the season annoyed me a little.

His statement in that carra & stevie interview before the final that the result of the final would have an impact on whether he stayed angered me. His "it's looking good" line was strange, and his "how can I leave now" line will haunt us.

His decision to leave us now leaves me stunned. I expected it all along but it still caught me out. Well go, get lost don't let the door hit you on yoir way out and have a great time. Thanks for the times we had you were great but I support Liverpool FC not you.

The club has always tried to carry itself with an amount of dignity and he has dragged us down with this circus, let's have the compensation cash and buy players that really want to play and more importantly let's have a captain that lives and dies for the club, believes in it and is 100% loyal. That's worth more to me than Steven Gerrard.

23:57 liverbird04
basically we let ourselves be blinded by gerrard ,any other player saying things like " if we don't win a game or we don't win the final then I'm off " would have been quite rightly slaughtered gerrard has done this and more ,"I'm the f***ing man" ,giving it all the big I am crap becos he was a local lad we thought he was in the mould of a robbie fowler what we got was a mercenary no better than rooney ,I can't believe how embarassinbly obvious it is all now .
03:20 Hundurinn
Of course I would take him back. If he would come out and say he wanted to stay after all then he would be admitting he made a mistake. People make mistakes, he is nothing different from the rest of us.

But I would want Rafa to find nother captain though.
09:33 Case
I'd welcome him back with open ar...

Hang on, the Phone's ringing

He's WHAT?

Lads, Lads, He's STAYING!

If off to the General Forum - My monkey friends live there.

Whoop Whoop.
Paddyliverpool yesterday

ps - this is the best thread EVER !



11:52 Scot

He can still f*ck off as far as I'm concerned. Cheeky t*** Twice in two years he's got within hours of signing for another club, then backs off and comes home saying 'I love you really'. Oh do you? And? He's like a promiscous lover, getting nailed all over town then coming back and expecting his dinner on the table.

Does he not want to hand in a transfer request because of the money he'd lose? Does he enjoy the club publicly prostrating itself for his attention?
Does ANYONE think the speculation will ever end, now that he's shown himself willing to look at any piece of passing skirt if his feelings are hurt (FFS!)?

Come back if you want, Steven but I reserve the right to treat you with cold disdain until I'm convinced of your sincerity. Bear in mind that might be never. Oh and for what it's worth, at the moment I wish we'd tell you to ram your ego and your 'feelings' all the way to the Kings Road and cash a cheque as overblown as your reputation. If we're being honest today, like.

Main comments of this thread:

6TH JULY Stevie talks to Bascombe, todays echo

11:00 Kieran


'I thought that the club would bend over backwards after I single handedly won them the CL last season, I told my assistant Mr Benitez who I would allow to play in my team this coming season, to my horror Benitez did not listen to me and went ahead with his own agenda, I mean, who does he think he is...'

'I then phoned my agent to tell him that Benitez had hurt my feelings, he informed me that as a pure coincidence he was having dinner with representitives of Chelsea and Real Madrid and they had heard everything as his phone was on load speaker, Chelsea made an offer there and then. I accepted. Told Rick Parry who said 'fair enough' and issued a statement saying I wanted to leave...I actually never thought he would do that. Having then got a clip round the ear from Daddy and a kick in the balls from Carra, I was told to apologise to Mr Benitez and tell him that he in fact is 'the man'. I also have to buy Mrs Benitez another gold watch!'

'I am in fact a dick head of the highest order'

11:32 Anny Road

there are some f***ing idiots

1) You call Gerrard a naive kid but then want a big heart felt apology or you wont forgive him??? f*** off..he has said what he has and it should be good enough....there are faults on both sides here which both the club and Gerrard have admitted too.......Time to move on

2) The length of the contract is the one we have offered him for f***s sake......Can you imagine..."Steve ok glad you are staying, but you know that contract we showed you yesterday well, we have extended it by another sign"...It wouldnt happen and never will....

What annoys me in all of this, is that I honestly believe him....He wants to stay.....If he didnt he wouldnt have gone through this......Yesterday would have been the end

it takes a big man to step back from the brink imo

12:34 Big Stuff

Last night you were calling him all the names under the sun. Today you wake up and find out he wants to stay and admit in your thread your in a mess but think we should calm down, take a minute and wait until we hear what's to be said. Now your're preaching to people to get off their high horse ?

Last year he messed us about. Wanted to leave, changed his mind..we got on with it. This year the exact same thing happens but after we've won the Champions League ?
Who the **** does he think he is ?
I'll need to know more about it for me to be remotely happy with him. If Parry and Rafa are happy with it then i'll respect that as i respect them immensely but at the moment i cannot see me singing Gerrard's name for a long time - if ever.

He's " fully committed " to the club ? That sounds nice. But if he is he will swallow his pride and hand over the armband. He becomes one of the team and shows the club it's not about him but about Liverpool FC.

Because of last year he put doubts into many peoples minds..after this ? Once is poor. Twice is a ****ing joke.

We'll probably hear some spin in the next couple of days as the club try and repair some of the damage but this has been a horrible mess and the only people i see that are to blame are Gerrard's advisors, other clubs but also Gerrard himself.

12:47 Redpool

Rick Parry on the phone to Rafa as I type:

Rick: Rafa, where are you?
Rafa: In Munich, I just convinced Ballack to commit to Liverpool! I also just talked to Kuyt on the phone and he will sign. Spoke to Ibanez and everything looks good.
Rafa: What do you mean No?
Rick: He is staying.
Rafa: Who is staying?
Rick: Stevie.
Rafa: Staying where?
Rick: Here.
Rafa: Here where?
Rick: Liverpool!
Rafa: I know, he lives there.
Rick: No, he is staying at the Club?
Rafa: Why are we letting him stay at the Club?
Rick: No, he has changed his mind, again, and has decided to sign the contract!
Rafa: Whose contract! Chelsea or Real's.
Rick: Ours!
Rafa: Ours? kinnell! I just committed 32 million pounds!
Rick: (in background) Call SFX. We need to hire them to get us out of these committments!
Rafa: Will he change his mind?

RAWK forum
Gerrard stays put!! Read this thread:
09:07 Scouser_ste
Well you know what? i don't want him at my club anymore, even if he is our best players and world class.  How could anyone ever think of leaving the club you support after been offered 100k a week and being european champion?

your a joke Gerrard lad
09:30 Alan F
My head hurts, I don't know how I feel...  if he saw a fraction of the stuff written here yesterday he would have understood the anger and the real belief that he was dicking us around. I for one, admit that it felt like a prepared plan by SFX and Chelsea with Gerrard's agreement.

I would still be as happy with the money and new players but the message it sends out to all the other clubs, especially Chavski, is that we are the greatest club in England, a special club with a "twelfth man" that doesn't exist anywhere else. Maradona and Cruyff saw it in Istanbul, I think he's realised the stupidity and magnitude of what he was about to do.

The lad has had his head fucked for years now by fat frank, maureen and his mates. He needs to commit now by signing the deal but most importantly by once and for all telling us, the fans, that he will never leave.

He can keep the captaincy but he needs to listen and learn from Rafa who can help him to realise the potential that we have all seen but which has too rarely been shown consistently on the pitch.

Hope he hasn't changed his mind again while I've been writing this.

09:43 Tweedy
I don't see why this should have any bearing on his relationship with the fans. Let's face it he's probably had his agent in his ear telling him how great he is, how much bigger than the club he is and how much better deal he could get in London or Madrid. I'm fecking sorry but no matter how big your principles are at 24 it's easy to look at and consider the temptations.

The fact is on his own refelction away from his agent he's realised he doesn't want to leave and I don't see anything wrong with that nor do I think it reflects on who he is as a person.

The club had other priorities following the CL win and probably thought after what Gerrard said that there was no major rush to sort him out when we had a fight to get back in the CL to deal with and then dealing with strengthening the squad for the first round qualifiers. As a result he's more than likely had his agent in his ear adding to his paranoia about whether the club want him or not.

You don't become a "successful" agent just by sitting back and saying to a player "ah it's up to you, I personally think you're ontoo much money anyway. have you thought about a pay cut?" The agents have the gift of the gab and know what to say to not only the player but also the player's girlfriends/wives to help turn their heads all to get the agent a nice big pay cheque.

This time we have a liverpool lad, a potential record transfer fee high profile move and he's turned it down. He's decided on his own reflection (or possibly again with the help of his dad) what the best thing is for Stevie Gerrard. That might sound a callous prospect for life long fans, after all shouldn't it be what's best for Liverpool? But it's just how it is when it's your career and future prospects that are up for discussion.

I've no doubt the comment yesterday was made in haste and at the influence of his agent. It never had the ring of something that Stevie really wanted to say.

Instead of having a go at the lad, even with the rollercoaster of the last few days, I honestly think he should be applauded and when we get the opportunity a big fecking kiss. Not just because he's decided to stay with the/our/his club, but because he's done what many players out there just don't seem to do any more, he's ignoed his agent and gone with his heart.

Some might say that the whole circus was a deliberate ploy to get a better deal (see Ashely or Rio), I don't believe this. Look at Parry's account of yesterday, it really sounds that Gerrard was sincere in wanting to stay and in regretting his comments that were reported in the media.

One day, maybe not this year, but soon, Gerrard will be up there lifting the premiership trophy in a Liverpool shirt and he'll be wondering what the fuss was ever about.
10:12 Pucksz
I was on the forum yesterday explaining how I will be adding an "o" to my Gerrard jersey to make it Gerrardo (a new Rafa signing). Now I have spend some more money to remove the blinking "o". I hope this is the last time we need to go through this. I am still bitter but I hope Stevie sits down and thinks how in the world did he get himself into such a position instead of working things out behind close doors.
11:12 El Nando
I have no respect for Gerrard.  A man who can't stick to his word doesn't derserve to lead my team out.  Strip him of the captaincy.

And how the fuck have we now got the money to pay this prick £100K.  what will the other players think ? Xabi, on £32K, thats taking the pisss. We cna't afford Figo the Ego but we can afford Stroppy Stevie. fuckin nonsence

i was really looking forward to having a seasoh of team cohesion with money to boot, seeing this drama Queen finnaly goin where his  personality fits.  £ yrs this has been goin on first Owen then this knob for the last two. he's turning this club into Shearer - Newcastle.  He thinks he's too big and knows Rafa

Also rafa and SG will never be the same. rafa is not a fan of big ego's.  he wanted him out and so did I.  we nearly got our wish but unfortunately this idiot is he to stay until next year, when he'll only be worth £15m
11:23 baz

I wake up, to find this. Is this all for real?

Former players' reactions:

Phil Thompson

"I can't believe it, I'm still trying to get my head around what has happened. 

"I am delighted Steven is staying, I was speaking to him four or five days before pre-season training and there was no happier lad on Merseyside. He wanted to get a deal done, but he was a little concerned it was not done quicker. But it was only a side issue.
"He was absolutely delighted and looking forward to the start of the season. 

"I don't know what happened in between, I wonder if anything was going on behind the scenes with an agent or something. I was absolutely gobsmacked on Sunday. Then it all happened on Monday. There seemed to be unbelievable events going on. His mind must have been all over the place, and it needed a step back and that's what the parties have done.
"But this cannot keep happening every 12 months, it does not do anyone any good. It needs to be nailed down once and for all."

King Kenny: "It's fantastic news. I think after the European Cup Final win, both Steven and the club wanted to continue the relationship.

"But for some reason we are maybe not entitled to know, yesterday it seemed as if that was not going to happen. But there is a totally different atmosphere now today and everyone will be delighted. In any conversation I have had with Steven he's been very positive and appreciative of the fans and the support they have given him.

"He's been at the club since he was 12 years of age. It's not corny - he really does love Liverpool FC. He could play anywhere in the world but is where he is because he wants to be there.

"I rate him very highly as one of the best players ever to play for Liverpool and if Liverpool were to make any signing this summer then Steven's signature is the best one they could possibly hope to have. "It's great news for everyone concerned and credit too to Steven for rejecting the money that was on offer from Chelsea."

"Yes, it is the second time he has stepped back from the brink but sometimes if you really love something you can get a bit frustrated and act on impulse. I think you can excuse him that.

John Aldridge:

"Obviously I'm delighted as everyone associated with Liverpool Football Club. Players like Steve Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are what Liverpool FC are all about. It takes a big man to go back on what he thought was right and say it was wrong - so he's been honest to himself and to the club which is nice to see. He's pledging his future to Liverpool he's showing how much he loves the club."

From Anfield:

Rafa Benítez:

He said: "We are all delighted because we have all wanted him to stay. Whenever we have talked we have always known he wanted to stay and we understood the situation.
"Now we have a clear idea about the future. It's important that we received this good news and it has come as a boost for everyone at the club.
"I am sure now that Steve will be more focused on his club and on the games because his contract is sorted out. It will be a better situation for all of us.
"My relationship with Steven is fine, it always has been. I don't understand what I have been reading in the press. I am sure now that, if it's possible, our relationship will be even better.
"It has been a good day for the club and now we are looking forward to working hard, to improving the team and to doing our best to win games when the season starts."

"Steven is our captain and I want him to stay as our captain. It is true that he offered to give up the captaincy but I spoke to some players and our idea was the same - that Stevie should be our captain." 
Steven himself:
"I said to the manager I'd like to speak with the players on my own because I know some of them have been frustrated with what's gone on, just like the fans have.
"It would have broken my heart to have lost the captaincy but I thought it was right to make that offer."

David Moores:

"I've been with the manager and Rick Parry in meetings. I've seen Jamie Carragher and Didi (Hamann) and everyone's fine
"Of course it's a boost, we'd rather have done without it all, but we've got it and it will never happen again I can assure you.
"That's the end of the story. We've had all this. He changed his mind because he knew what he'd miss by going elsewhere. That's what changed his mind. He was confused but he's fine now. It is satisfying. It means to me as chairman that we're keeping our captain. It means a hell of a lot to me of course it does."
Asked how long Gerrard will now be at Anfield, Moores answered: "He said he's committed himself for life, so however long he lives!"

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