Liverpool refuse to postpone game

Following the announcement yesterday of the England team to meet Scotland, Arsenal sent the following telegram to the headquarters of the Football League: “In view of the fact that three of our players have been selected by the Football association to represent England on Saturday, and in the interest of ourselves and other League clubs which might possibly be affected in one way or another, would the League Management Committee be prepared to consider the question of postponing Arsenal’s League match with Liverpool next Saturday?”

Mr. Jack Rouse, assistant secretary of the Liverpool F.C., when told of Arsenal’s application said: “No communication has been received by the Liverpool Club concerning a postponement, and never in the history of football has it been necessary to postpone a League match for the reason stated. Permission has never been given for such a course.”

The Management Committee of the Football League have refused Arsenal’s application, and the match will take place at Anfield on Saturday. Liverpool received official notification from the League this morning stating that the match must be played.

Copyright - Hull Daily Mail (Tuesday, April 10 – 1934 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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