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The Guardian
'Champions of Europe'
The glory of Liverpool is reborn. They are not merely champions of Europe once more but the indefatigable creators of a victory that will be talked about so long as football exists.

Liverpool Echo
'We did it'
The greatest comeback in football history.

The Independent
'History men' In the great, tumultuous history of Liverpool Football Club this will take some explaining.

Daily Express
'Dream Come True'
The newspaper recalls Steven Gerrard's comments made in Wednesday's edition - "Imagine that, me with the trophy in the air. It is an image in my mind I want to make it reality.

Daily Telegraph
'Gerrard leads glorious fightback' It was Gerrard's guts and lust for glory, his refusal to countenance defeat even when its dark hand fell across Liverpool...

The Times
'The Miracle of Istanbul' Trounced by half-time, triumphant by the end, Liverpool celebrated their fifth European Cup all the more joyously because of the astonishing manner of victory.

Daily Mail
'They've potted the big one... now let them defend it'
Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish on the likelihood of the Reds missing out on the chance to defend their title: "How can European football's rulers possibly ignore the cry for Liverpool to be allowed to defend their trophy next season?"

La Gazzetta Dello Sport (Italy)

'The Champions League goes to Liverpool' Liverpool are champions of Europe. For the fifth time. In the most extraordinary way... This cup was thrown away by Milan when one was already thinking about the statistics of the 4-0 victories over Steaua and Barcelona (in previous finals)... Honour to Liverpool.

Corriere Della Sera (Italy)
'The great unfinished double' (Milan were second in both the Italian league and the Champions League.) This is the Milan of the great unfinished tasks: they lost the championship only a few games from the end; they lost the Champions League final after being ahead by three goals at the end of the first half. Never seen a Champions League thrown away like that.

'Dudek like Grobbelaar'
Like Grobbelaar, even more so than Grobbelaar. In the final at the Olimpico [in Rome] on 30 May 1984, Roma melted away from the penalty spot hypnotised by the dances of the goalkeeper... Yesterday, inside the Ataturk stadium, Milan collapsed in front of Jerzy Dudek's breakdance.

La Reppubblica (Italy)
'Milan suicide, Liverpool triumph' Also: 'The folly after the show'
One usually has to work hard for victories. Milan, instead, worked hard for a bitter defeat.
Gerrard raised the cup, they did not steal it. It seemed they lost it, they won it. Honour to them.

Aftonbladet (Sweden)

'Were Liverpool worthy champions? What do you mean? I see Xabi Alonso dance, Steven Gerrard weep and 45,000 people sing You'll never walk alone . The question is not whether they were worthy. The question is whether we were worthy to watch this final.'


Marca (Spain)

'Liverpool have been pronounced brilliant winners... thanks to the overwhelming pride shown by Rafael Benitez's (above) team. Rafa touched the sky in Turkey.'


Bild (Germany) 'It was gigantic. It was sensational. It was out of this world. Thank you, Milan. Thank you, Liverpool. For the best Champions League final in history.'


El Pais (Spain)

'Benitez is The King of the Mersey. He may not have a statue yet at Anfield, but his name will always be associated with a moment that can only increase the legend of the Reds.'


AS (Spain) 'For two decades Liverpool have been an ordinary team and lacking in the greatness that characterised their history. Worse still they had become resigned to accepting that they were ordinary. But they have got where they have today because of the methodical work of their new coach and his assistants. These men showed everyone that a limited team can still end up being winners.'


Hurriyet (Turkey)

'A fantastic night. The most exciting Champions League final happened in Istanbul. Turkey shone with organising the final in a perfect manner.' Sabah (Turkey) 'It was a fairy tale from Istanbul. The most beautiful city on earth supplied a wonderful Champions League final. Turkey won 3-0 and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan scored twice, the final one with a shot for Turkish tourism.'

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