Mark Lawrenson in Match's Star Spot

Full name: Mark Thomas Lawrenson
Birthplace/Date: Preston, 2nd June, 1957
Height/Weight: 6ft/11st 8lbs
Married: No
Car: Sponsored Ford Sierra
Previous clubs:
Preston, Brighton
Trade before turning pro:
Nickname at club and why:
"Lawro", self-explanatory
Worst ever injury: Severed ankle ligaments in Sept 79 which put me out for 12 weeks
Favourite Football League player and why:
Kenny Dalglish, simply the best
Favourite other team:
My previous clubs
Favourite foreign player and why: Zico - consistently the best goal taker and maker
Best current British team: Shilton, Neal (England), McLeish, Hansen, Albiston (Scotland), Robson (England), Souness (Scotland), Brady (Eire), Dalglish (Liverpool), Rush (Liverpool), Stapleton (Eire)
Current International XI: Shilton (England), Leandro (Brazil), Scirea (Italy), Forster (W Germany), Junior, Socrates, Zico, Falcao (Brazil), Brady (Eire), Rush (Wales), Dalglish (Scotland)
Favourite away ground: Goodison Park
Favourite foreign stadium at which you have played: Parc des Princes

Best goal scored: Against Wolves for Brighton in the League Cup, 1978
Best Goal seen scored: Alan Mullery's volley for Fulham versus Leicester
Most difficult opponent: Every opponent!

Most memorable match: Clinching my first League medal for Liverpool against Spurs, May 1982

Own magic moment in football: Signing for Liverpool

Biggest disappointment: Being left-handed

Favourite other sports: Cricket, golf and snooker

Miscellenous likes: Sunshine, days off and Lambrusco sparkling red wine

Miscellenous dislikes: Smoking, ignorance, car failure

Favourite TV show: American football

TV show you always switch off: Nearly all of them

Favourite reading: Any Jeffrey Archer book

Favourite pop star: Billy Joel, Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson

Favourite food: Corned beef

Favourite drink: Lambrusco

Best country visited: Hong Kong

Favourite actor/actress: Gene Hackman / Lesley Anne Down

Best film seen in past year: Michael Jackson's video of Thriller

Best friend: Barnaby - my old English sheepdog

Biggest influence on career: My family and anyone who has given me good advice

What don't you like about football: People who knock it and still make a living out of it

Superstitions: Get changed as late as possible

Pre-match meal: Roast chicken

International honours: Twenty-four Republic of Ireland caps

Personal ambition: To play in the British Open Golf Championship

Professional ambition: To try and win some more medals

Career after playing: Football commentator

Player for the future: Stevie Nicol (Liverpool)

Who would most like to meet: Joe Theismann (Quarterback with the Washington Redskins American Football team)

Advice to youngsters: Practice, practice, practice 


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