Tommy Lucas & a cigarette card

Tommy Lucas played 366 games for Liverpool. He would on occasions be dropped from the team, but he never gave up and always won his place back and was a firm fixture in Liverpool's defence. He was good enough to be one of the stars that got their caricature and career details on cigarette cards back in the days of old. Cigarette cards were used as a packet stiffener to add integrity to the paper cigarette packets. When they were introduced in the 1880s they were used for advertisements and it wasn't until later they had various info on various subjects.

In probably 1927-28, John Player & Sons - a branch of the Imperial Tobacco company (of Great Britain and Ireland), issued Football caricatures by "Mac" - a series of 50. Walter Wadsworth and Tommy Lucas were one of the 50 that were featured. Below is Tommy Lucas' cigarette card.

The text reads: This stockily built right back - he stands only 5ft. 6 3/4 ins. and weighs 11st. 9lbs. - is the junior member of what is probably the oldest defence in first-class football. The others are Longworth, Scott and McKinlay. All four are Internationals. Lucas was capped in 1922 against Ireland, played for England v. France in 1924, and against Belgium in 1926. He was born at St. Helens, a stronghold of Rugby League football, but preferred the round ball to the oval one. Lucas is still in the running for more caps, despite his long service.

Thanks to Robin Jordan for providing us with the cigarette card. This is all part of Liverpool's history.


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