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Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez: "Before the game if you had said the score will be 3-1, I would have happily accepted that. At 2-0 it was good, at 3-0 it was great but I accept that 3-1 was not the best. You must realise that you have to concentrate right to the very last seconds of a game at this level. But for me it was not Jerzy Dudek's fault, he had played a very good game and had we scored our other chances nobody would be talking about about their goal. It would not have mattered."

"If we had scored our other chances it would not have been worth remembering that last goal. In my opinion Jerzy played well, made two very fine saves, and I am happy with him. I have confidence that we can complete the task in Germany, I am always confident and we must be positive. Yes if we lose 2-0 we are out, but I think we can score in Germany, certainly one and that will make all the difference. This victory certainly gives us confidence for the Carling Cup Final, to score three times in a Champions League game is very good and should improve my team's morale. And do not forget that we have Gerrard and Morientes back."

Bayer Leverkusen manager Klaus Augenthaler: "Steven Gerrard's return to the Liverpool side in a fortnight will make it more difficult for us. We see him as the brains and the heart of the Liverpool side and his addition will be very important for Liverpool and much harder for us, even though Biscan and Hamann played very well in that role. I felt that we were unlucky to lose by that margin, certainly to let in two goals from free kicks and with the first one not even the correct decision."

"I was disappointed with the fact that we conceded two goals from set pieces and both times our wall was at fault. The first time Freier moved out of the wall and Riise's shot went through the space and the second time the wall looked like training ground dummies, who are not able to jump. Liverpool were more aggressive and put us under more pressure but we still had very good chances, two from Ponte and one from Berbatov, he should certainly have scored when he was through on goal."

"After the break when we were two down our aim was not to concede any more, and when Hamann scored I felt that was a killer. but when we scored that was our lifeline. We have already beaten Roma, Real Madrid and Kiev by a 2-0 margin at home in the competition this season so we certainly know we can do it if we concentrate and make sure we do not concede another goal to Liverpool at our ground."

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher: "3-1 is a very good result for us. People were talking before the match about how 0-0 or 1-0 would be a good result because we were without Steven Gerrard, but we've done better than that. It was disappointing that they scored a late goal but we can't worry about that too much. We have to make sure we go over there and score a goal of our own. Obviously we'll have to keep it tight and make sure we don't concede, but I'm confident that if we can get at them and put them under pressure then we can finish the job off."

"Obviously we'll have Steven Gerrard back for that game and that will be a big boost for us. Having said that, I thought Didi and Igor were superb last night and Steven wasn't really missed. It's a good result for us and now we can look forward to the cup final on Sunday. I'm looking forward to watching how Chelsea get on against Barcelona now and then taking them on in the final. This is a big week for us and we've started it well."

Liverpool fullback Steve Finnan: "We were a bit deflated after the game because we'd let them score a goal. You always know in Europe that keeping a clean sheet at home is going to be important and we just couldn't see the job through in that respect. But it's still a good scoreline for us. We scored three goals, we created lots of other chances and could have won by more really. Are we still confident of going through? Definitely. We're going over there with a two goal lead and I'm sure we can score an away goal ourselves. They may feel the tie is alive again now but it's up to us to do a professional job on them over there and make sure they don't get themselves back into it."

Michael Owen has admitted after his side's slim 1-0 victory over Juventus at the Bernebau yesterday that he was secretly checking on the score of Liverpool's Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen and rooting for his former team.

The former Liverpool ace said, "They have a scoreboard here (at the Bernebau) and there's me sitting on the bench for the majority of the game, and I kept seeing Liverpool score another goal and another goal. I take it Leverkusen scored quite late on. I remember it being 3-0 and then I found out just after the game that it was 3-1. Unfortunately they've managed to nick one late on against my old team - they've got to be in the driving seat, but they'll probably be kicking themselves for conceding that late goal."

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