Exclusive: Missed penalties and red cards lists

We have created a lot of lists from our database, but some lists you cannot create from facts such as missed penalties and red cards.

Click Missed penalties to see all the penalties we've got listed where Liverpool players missed their spot kick. Tommy Smith, Phil Neal, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen feature on that unwanted list. It is NOT a complete list especially before the 90's.

Click red cards to see which players have been sent off for Liverpool. We believe we have a complete list from the 1990-91 season onwards, but as in the missed penalties we seek your help to make both these lists as complete as possible. The first-hand memories of supporters who attended matches are important and Chris Wood who has been creating these lists has been greatly helped in his research by other fans. So have a look at our lists and send us an email to help assemble as complete lists as possible.




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