The Official LFC site got it wrong

The Official site of Liverpool got it wrong when saying that the game vs. Fulham on Saturday is going to be Liverpool's 4000th league game: "Liverpool will reach a notable milestone in their illustrious history this weekend when they play their 4,000th league game." ( is simply forgetting the three league games Liverpool played in the abandoned 1939-40 season. This mistake has irritated us as well as other LFC fans who follow the club's history. Though the season itself was abandoned because of WWII these games took place and are counted towards player totals. For example they are included in Eric Doig's (Liverpool FC's Hall of Fame official statistician) book "The Essential history of Liverpool FC".

Liverpool has won 1877 league games, drawn 974 and lost 1149 games. has clearly forgotten to count the 3 games in 1939-40 season (their stats are now 1876-974-1149.) They count the Norwich win and Chelsea loss in 2004-05 (games 4001 and 4002), but forget the loss against Sheff Utd and wins against Middlesbrough and Chelsea in 1939-40.

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Here are our league milestones.

1. - 2. September 1893 against Middlesbrough.

500. - 27. April 1908 against Bury.

1000. - 17. January 1925 against Man City.

1500 - 19. December 1936 against Huddersfield.

2000 - 22. October 1955 against Bury.

2500 - 23. September 1967 against Everton.

3000 - 15. September 1979 against Leeds.

3500. 23. November 1991 against Wimbledon.

4000 - 20. September 2004 against Man Utd.

Game Number 4000 was sadly enough the game against Man Utd at Old Trafford.


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