Gosh it's Tosh

It is maybe a little known fact by many Liverpool supporters that Toshack has tried his hand at poetry. "Gosh it's Tosh" is one of his creations. Judge for yourself.

"On Wednesday Shankly names a team,
But for one player a shattered dream.
His season's finished, blown away,
But he is still to have his say."

The Gods are angry.
They send rain, in torrents, and smite the game.
Then just by chance it really pours,
Twenty-two players on all fours.
The Referee says, 'That's enough',
Will Liverpool call the German bluff?"

A day passes and, from the deluge,
I emerge, to rise above Mönchengladbach.
"The Welshman kills them in the air,
Toshack and Keegan, what a pair!!"

Europe fears me. Gosh it's Tosh. It is 1976.
The Nou Camp belongs to me.
A Goalden night and what a thrill,
It's Liverpool one, Barcelona nil."

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