Major site news: Mission completed!

LFChistory has now the line-ups for every single league season, from 1892 to 2004. 4874 games. 8423 goals. 623 players. We started out in 8th of September 2003 with all the stats from the Shankly era, 1959 to 2003. In the last six months we have worked hard to bring you the rest of the seasons all the way back to the beginning to 1892 and now we have completed that task. Of course we are far from over adding stats on the site and interesting articles. We have a lot in the works and we hope you'll come and visit us often in the future.

We would like to thank many people who have made possible for us to finish 1892-1959 in a record time. LFC historian, Eric Doig, embraced our mission and has helped us enormously. There have been a lot of incorrect match and player facts out there in books for years and years and Doig has spent the last ten years researching LFC's history to get the facts straight. The authors of said books deserve some praise as well as their initial research got the ball rolling, sort of speak. Chris Wood has been assisisting us of late and his player profiles (the non fact side of them) really speeded up our work. Chris is currently working hard on bringing you as complete list of friendlies and testimonials as possible. We also aim to include the games Liverpool played during wartime.

We have also added league tables to every season (except 1892-93 which we are trying to get further details of) so you can see how all teams did in comparison with LFC each season. Simply go to Season archive and choose tables from the drop down menu.

The last group of players, 62 in total are the following:

A-G: Bernard Battles, Frank Becton, Thomas Bradshaw, Ben Bull, J, Cameron, James Cameron, Thomas Cleghorn, James Cleland, Robert Colvin, Daniel Cunliffe, John Curran, Gerald Dewhurst, Douglas Dick, W Donnelly, John Drummond, Partick Finnerhan, Fred Geary, John Givens, Partick Gordon.

H-L: Andrew Hannah, David Hannah, Abraham Hartley, David Henderson, Hugh Henderson, JR Henderson, James Holmes, Abel Hughes, C Jowitt, William Keech, Kelly, J Kelso, AW Kelvin, Neil Kerr, J Lumsden.

M-W: Bobby Marshall, John McBride, W McCann, John McCartney, Andrew McCowie, Duncan McLean, Jimmy McLean, William McOwen, Joseph McQue, Hugh McQueen, Matt McQueen, Malcolm McVean, William Michael, J Miller. Robert Neill, John Parkinson, Pearson, Richardson, Jimmy Ross, Sydney Ross, J Smith, James Stott, W Walker, John Whitehead, Thomas Wilkie, A Worgan, TG Wyllie.

Some of the profiles for players need more research, especially the ones who played 1892-1900. The further you get back, the more difficult is to find a player's birthday, birthplace, or what other clubs he played for. We will be doing our best to find out more about these players. Pictures for most of the players between 1892-1959 will be added later. Note that players with birthdates 01.01.18 (born in the nineteenth century) have those dates because we only know the year of their birth (we are working on that feature).

Thanks for visiting us. We hope you become regular visitors of this site.

Arnie (The Editor) and Mummi (The Webmaster)


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