Added: 636 games with line-ups + 109 profiles

636 games from seasons 1899/1900 - 1914/15 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. All players from seasons 1899-1915 have been added, a total of 109 new profiles.

A-D: George Allan, Messina Allman, William Banks, Wilf Bartrop, Augustus Beeby, Arthur Berry, Robert Blanthorne, John Bovill, George Bowen, Sam Bowyer, James Bradley, Philip Bratley, Joseph Brough, Fred Buck, John Carlin, John Chadburn, Edgar Chadwick, Tom Chorlton, Charles Cotton, Jack Cox, HC Craik, Robert Crawford, John Davies, James Dawson, Joe Dines, Ned Doig, Billy Dunlop.

F-L: Robert Ferguson, Harold Fitzpatrick, George Fleming, Abraham Foxall, James Garside, Samual Gilligan, John Glover, Archie Goldie, William Goldie, Bertram Goode, James Gorman, Thomas Gracie, Frank Grayer, Michael Griffin, Harry Griffiths, Tom Green, Charles Hafekost, Sam Hardy, James Harrop, Charles Hewitt, Joseph Hewitt, Alan Hignett, Joseph Hoare, Ralph Holden, Raby Howell, William Hughes, "Sailor" Hunter, T. Hunter, William Hunter, Peter Kyle, George Lathom, John Lipsham, Herbert Leavey, Henry Lester, Harry Lewis, George Livingstone.

M-R: Jack Parkinson, Bobby Marshall, D McCallum, John McConnell, John McDonald, R McDougall, Andrew McGuigan, John McKenna, John McLean, James McLean, William McPherson, Arthur Mecalf, Hugh Morgan, Richard Morris, David Murray, James Nicholl, Ronald Orr, John Parkinson, Maurice Parry, Ernest Peake, Bill Perkins, Peter Platt, Sam Raybould, John Robertson, Tom Robertson, Robert Robinson, Thomas Rogers.

S-W: Charlie Satterthwaite, Percy Saul, James Scott, Donald Sloan, Sidney Smith, Fred Staniforth, James Stewart, General Stevenson, Harry Storer, John Tosswill, John Speare, Harold Uren, John Walker, Henry Welfare, Alfred West, William White, Charlie Wilson, D. Wilson.

Pictures of the players will be added later. Seasons 1892/93 - 1898/99 will be added next time around with all relevant player profiles and then all official Liverpool games with full line-ups will be online on LFChistory.


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