477 games added to LFChistory with line-ups

477 games from seasons 1919/20 - 1928/29 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. All players from seasons 1919-1929 have been added, a total of 55 new profiles.

A-G: Tom Armstrong, John Bamber, Frederick Baron, Harold Beadles, Thomas Bennett, Kenneth Campbell, Harry Chambers, Harold Chalmers, Francis Checkland, William Cockburn, William Cunningham, William Devlin, Thomas Fairfoul, Dick Forshaw, James Garner, Cyril Gilhespy, Arthur Goddard.

H-M: James Harrington, William Jenkinson, Dick Johnson, John Jones, Joseph Keetley, Bill Lacey, Hector Lawson, Harry Lewis, Ephraim Longworth, Harold Lowe, Bob Matthews, Neil McBain, Billy McDevitt, Peter McKinney, David McMullan, Jock McNab, Harold McNaughton, John Miller, Tom Miller, Frank Mitchell.

O-W: Cyril Oxley, Fred Pagnam, Edward Parry, Albert Pearson, James Penman, George Pither, David Pratt, Bob Pursell, Archie Rawlings, Jack Sambrook, Thomas Scott, Jackie Sheldon, Daniel Shone, John Speakman, Sam Speakman, Harold Wadsworth, Walter Wadsworth, James Walsh. 

Pictures of the players will be added later. Seasons 1900/01 - 1914/15 will be added next time around with all relevant player profiles. All games since 1892/93 complete with line-ups & scorers will be added well before spring 2005.


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