Major site news on LFChistory

All games from 1946 to 1959 have been added to LFChistory. This means you can go to Season archive and see details on all matches from 1945/46 to the current season. That is a total of 442 matches where every player and every goalscorer has been put into our database, added to our records which consisted originally of the seasons between 1959-2004. This includes also a detailed profile on every single player who has played for Liverpool from 1945/46.

And there is more to come... All stats from the beginning of Liverpool's history 1892/93 will be added this season. Currently you can see the results from every match from 1892/93, but you are not able to see who played in the relevant match or scored. Those details will be available on LFChistory well before May 2005.

The domains and have been bought by and those urls will lead to our website. quit the net about a year ago and LFChistory has bought its contents. We will soon add friendlies and testimonials, which were included in the stats we received from

Eric Doig has been assisting LFChistory in getting every fact right from 1946-2004. We base our stats on Brian Pead's book Complete record, but unfortunately his book is not accurate in some instances and Doug has worked diligently to correct all the stats for us.

Eric Doig recently published the the Essential History of Liverpool along with co-author Alex Murphy. The book cover reads: Eric Doig is the grandson of J.E. (Teddy) Doig, Liverpool's first international goalkeeper. A lifelong Liverpool supporter and season ticket holder from the early 1960s, he is also a member of The Association of Football Statisticans. Since retiring as a medical scientist in 1990, he has devoted much of his spare time to studying the history and statistics of Liverpool Football Club. He is recognised as the official statistician for the club's newly founded Hall of Fame.

Robin Gowers has been added to our list of writers. He is an avid programme collector and we will be featuring his interesting articles about LFC programmes. His articles have been published by the LFC match programme and gained popularity among collectors and LFC fans worldwide.


We've got all the results from official games, appearance stats, goal stats and basically every conceivable statistic from 1892 to the present, every single line-up and substitutions!