444 new games with line-ups + 79 player profiles!

Seasons 1929/30 - 1938/39 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. A total of 444 games. All players from seasons 1929-1939 have been added. That is a total of 79 new player profiles! They are as follows:

A-C: Andrew Aitken, Henry Barkas, Harold Barton, Ernest Blenkinsop, Tom Bradshaw, Tom Bromilow, John Browning, Les Bruton, Matthew Busby, Lance Carr, John Charlton, James Clarke, James Collins, Tom Cooper.

D-J: Edmund Crawford, Benjamin Dabbs, David Davidson, Robert Done, John Easdale, Dick Edmed, Sam English, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Tom Gardner, Robert Glassey, Alfred Gray, Gordon Gunson, Edmund Hancock, Alfred Hanson, James Harley, Ted Hartson, Ted Hartill, Alastair Henderson, Alfred Hobson, Gordon Hodgson, William John Hood, Frederick Hopkin, Frederick Howe, Robert Ireland, James Jackson, Norman Leslie James, Thomas Johnson, Ron Jones, Bill Jones.

K-P: Stanley Kane, Dirk Kemp, Bill Kinghorn, John Lindsay, Norman Low, Tommy Lucas, Jimmy McDougall, John McFarlane, James McInnes, Donald MacKinlay, Archie McPherson, Daniel McRorie, Billy Millar, Thomas Morrison, Bill Murray, George Patterson, Keith Peters.

R-W: Henry Race, Bernie Ramsden, Thomas Reid, Arthur Riley, John Roberts, Sydney Roberts, Frederick Rogers, William Salisbury, Robert Savage, Alan Scott, Elisha Scott, John Shafto, Albert Shears, John G Shield, Arthur Smith, Jim Smith, William Steel, Harold Taylor, Jack Tennant, Charlie Thompson, Harman Van der Berg, Albert Whitehurst, David Wright & Victor Wright.

Pictures of the players will be added later.

Seasons 1919/20 - 1928/29 will be added next time around with all relevant player profiles. All games since 1892/93 complete with line-ups & scorers will be added well before spring 2005.


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