Best 11 Scottish Players ever to Play for Liverpool

As much as international friendlies are dull, Scotland facing England will definitely add a certain edge to the game. 

There two old enemies will go head-to-head on Tuesday evening, at Celtic Park. This will be the first friendly between the two teams held in Scotland since 1989. 

Liverpool has had a wonderful array of talent from Scotland and England through the years, and it is the former we are focusing on today. 

Liverpool has the likes of Robertson currently in their team, who is Scottish and if you head over to, you can actually bet on his impact in their next game and see if he can be as influential as past Scotsmen.

Here is Liverpool’s all-time Scottish XI.

1. Goalkeeper- Tommy Lawrence 

Liverpool’s goalkeeper in the 1960s was Scottish. Lawrence was Bill Shankly’s Red side mainstay. He won the 1965 FA Cup and two First Division titles during his time at Anfield. Tommy Lawrence left in 1971 for Tranmere after 390 appearances with Liverpool. 

2. Right-back- Andrew Hannah

Liverpool's first captain in 1892. He'd been a part of the incredible Renton team in Scotland as well as Everton before he joined John Houlding's new Liverpool side across Stanley Park. Hannah led the Liverpool team to the Second Division title. He was an incredible all-round athlete and even entered a lion's den to settle a bet!

3. Centre-half- Alan Hansen

Hansen is regarded as one of the most influential players to have ever played for Liverpool. He was a magnificent centre-back during his time, oozing authority and class. Alan was signed for £100,000 in 1977, and he went on to win one FA Cup, three European Cups, and eight First Division titles. He served as Liverpool’s captain in 1985, and hung up his boots in 1991.

4. Centre-half- Alex Raisbeck

Alex Raisbeck was Liverpool's first superstar. He was the commander of his troops, a perfect automation of a player. Raisbeck is a member of Liverpool's Official Hall of Fame and certainly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Dalglish, Liddell and Gerrard. Raisbeck and Yeats keep out a number of hugely talented players like Ron Yeats, Matt Busby, Tiny Bradshaw and Jimmy McDougall!

5. Left-back- Donald MacKinlay

MacKinlay was club captain from 1922-1928. He won two league titles with the team before his departure and scored quite a few goals for a left-back. His thunderous shots were known as "Mac's Specials". Robertson needs to prove himself a lot longer at Liverpool to move this fella from the side.

6. Centre Midfield- Graeme Souness

Souness ruled any midfield battle he came up against during his time. He’s undoubtedly one of the greatest players Liverpool has ever signed. He was an all-round player who was creative, and with impeccable leadership traits. Souness had six glorious years with the Reds in which he was named Captain, won three FA Cups and five First Division crowns.

7. Centre Midfield- Gary McAllister

Because Gary was signed when he was 35, people thought the signing was a strange one. However, Gary proved himself by turning out to be an unlikely hero. His performances bordered on legendary and he played a key role in ensuring the Reds won an unprecedented cup treble.

8. Attacking Midfield- Steve Nicol

Steve performed brilliantly for 13 years in a number of positions and has to be included in this side. He played mostly as a left-back or on the left side of midfield. "Chico" played for Liverpool between 1981 and 1994, winning the 1984 European Cup, three FA Cups, and five league titles. Steve Nicol scored 46 times in 468 appearances for Liverpool.

9. Left Forward- Billy Liddell

When ranking the top five Liverpool players, Billy Liddell can't be left out as he was such a monumental player. His career spanned four decades from 1938 to 1961. His performance was so good that the Reds were called “Liddlepool” during his time. Liddell was way ahead of his time, scoring eight times in 29 matches at international level. In total, he made 534 appearances for the Reds and scored 228 goals. Billy prevents Willie Fagan's inclusion in the side.

10. Right Forward- Kenny Dalglish

There has not been a player that has represented both Scotland and Liverpool better than Dalglish did. He was blessed with outrageous vision, and this made him a unique player. During his time with Liverpool, King Kenny won three European Cups, six First Division titles, and numerous other trophies. Throughout his 13 years as a player, his eye for goal never wavered. Dalglish is a true legend of the game, and Liverpool was honoured to have him as club manager, twice!

11. Centre Forward- Ian St John

When Ian St John played under Shankly in the 1960s, he was a hugely important member of the team. He and Roger Hunt formed a devastating strike partnership that kept the Reds at the top. St John appeared in 425 matches for Liverpool and scored 118 goals. He also won one Second Division title, as well as three league titles. St John is preferred to George Allan, who was an incredible goalscorer with 56 goals in 96 matches for the club from 1895 to 1897.

Substitutes: Tommy Younger (goalkeeper), Billy Dunlop (left-back), Ron Yeats (centre-half), Willie Stevenson (midfield), John Wark (attacking midfield), Jimmy Ross (right-forward), Willie Fagan (left-forward).

Written by Alan Spencer


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