Our Top Liverpool Shirt Sponsors

Liverpool has had far fewer shirt sponsors than many other elite Premier League teams. And because they have had fewer, it is easier to spot how shirt sponsorships have developed over time. Below you can find a fascinating insight into the trend of football shirt sponsors and a rundown of Liverpool's most iconic sponsors.
Shirt Sponsors Have Evolved
Shirt sponsors have changed dramatically over recent years. Shirt sponsorships in the past were all about local business, automotive companies breweries and sports brands. During the time of new technologies such as gaming consoles, these brands were also using professional football shirts to get noticed.

The modern game is a little different. Nowadays you will find the most prominent airlines companies jostling for a place on Premier League shirts, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges - and 50% of this Premier League season's teams included a gambling shirt sponsor. The same trends are seen abroad as well with Bwin secured a shirt sponsorship with Real Madrid for three years in a deal worth £16.8 million. Bwin is part of GVC Holdings that also owns other high-profile casinos such as PartyCasino.

The Best Liverpool Shirt Sponsors (In No Particular Order)
1. Carlsberg
Back in the days when breweries and lagers sponsored most of English football's shirts, Carlsberg was a massive part of Liverpool’s history. Carlsberg was the official sponsor for 18 years up until 2010 when the finance company Standard Chartered took over.

2. Crown Paints
Crown Paints were the kit sponsor of Liverpool FC for most of the 1980s and were branded across both Umbro and Adidas kits. This shows that sponsorships were mostly about local business in the past as the Crown Paints is still in existence today in the L6 postcode, despite having a slightly different name.

3. Hitachi
Hitachi was Liverpool's first-ever shirt sponsor. They agreed on a three-year deal in 1979 with block lettering across the front of the Umbro red shirt. Some fans still regard this as the best Liverpool shirt ever made from the previous era and is somewhat become a collector's item.

4. Standard Chartered
The finance company remain the official kit sponsor of Liverpool, and that relationship doesn't look like ending soon. They have now been the sponsor for over a decade and during that time have branded three different shirt brands, namely Adidas, Warrior Sports and the current New Balance jersey.

5. Candy
Candy was the shirt sponsor for four years between 1988 and 1992. If you thought some sweet company was advertising them, you'd be wrong. In fact, Candy was an Italian appliance manufacturer supplying washing machines. They also sponsored F1 and have now been bought out by Haier. Candy was last seen on a Liverpool top beating Sunderland in the FA Cup Final.
It’s interesting to note that Liverpool is one of the Premier League teams that have switched their shirt sponsorships the least, only having five shirt sponsors in their entire history. Between 1973 and 1979, the team did not have any shirt sponsor.

Written by Alan Spencer


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