Liverpool Newspaper History Review

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As with websites that allow you to travel back in time, deep into the history of the internet, Historic Newspapers offers you pretty much the same service except for the fact that it is all on real paper and not on your screen. You’re not surfing through old versions of the BBC website, looking for the 2005 Champions League final report. Instead, you’re looking at the sport pages of the Daily Mirror paper version and reading their report from the 1965 FA Cup final hosted at Wembley. You have just opened the ‘Liverpool Newspaper History’. The book contains match reports, photos and headlines published by Daily Mirror and their sister papers after the most memorable games and events in the history of our much beloved football club.

It’s interesting to see how footy press reports in England have evolved over the decades. The first report in this collection comes from 1906 when Liverpool won the league championship (their second title) and it contains a small headline: ‘All league championships assured. Liverpool, Bristol City and Fulham carry off the Three Great Trophies’, which refers to their triumphs in the First Division, Second Division and Southern League respectively. There is just one paragraph about the Liverpool game that clinched the title and the whole page is divided between reports from various leagues, some games previews and news from other sport areas.

The next stop is April 1923 when Liverpool won their fourth title. Once again, there is a bit of a surprise, a thing that is just unthinkable some 100 years later. Sunday Pictorial (now Sunday Mirror) described the deciding game in just one paragraph and moreover, a trained eye will spot a mistake – goalscorers’ names are not correct, these names weren’t even on the teamsheets. A fine report from the FA Amateur Cup (Caleys narrowly defeated Evesham after extra time, for those who were wondering) was followed by just two sentences about a game which decided the title in the First Division. One thing you can learn very quickly is that the Football League and level of its media coverage had to make a long, long way to reach the current state of things.

In 1964, the Reds, led by the legendary Bill Shankly, won their sixth championship and they finally got as much media attention as they deserved. It’s the beginning of the interesting headlines, large pictures and way longer descriptions of the crucial games, in both positive and negative tone – for instance, Daily Mirror reporters were, to put it in mild words, unhappy with the level of football in the 1965 FA Cup final when Liverpool defeated Leeds after extra-time. Edgar Turner wrote ‘For 90 goalless minutes it was a match of too many Marlon Brandos and not one Sir Laurence Olivier. Too much method, not enough individual brilliance’. Well, let’s say Bill Shankly could handle the criticism, because his side would be just as successful the following season.

Fans are reminded how intense were 70’s and 80’s for Liverpool players, especially the last few weeks of the seasons, so densely packed with finals and deciding games – using more modern example, that’s as if late spring of 2019 repeated itself pretty much every year. Semi-final – league decider – final – repeat. European Cup, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, League Cup – Reds were reaching finals almost every season, which gave the journalists the chance for creating interesting headlines and match reports, which is a blessing for this kind of book. It makes the journey worth every second of it.

You can go smoothly through all the memories of the twentieth century, but it’s not over. Liverpool entered the new millennium in good fashion, winning five trophies in 2001 under Gerrard Houllier’s reign, which have been well documented on over 10 pages of the book. Then came the famous ‘Rafalution’ which changed Liverpool Football Club forever and Historic Newspapers recollects some unforgettable moments of that era. The great European triumph of 2005 demands 20 more pages of memories. Match reports of the 90’s and 2000’s also include famous ‘out of 10’ ratings, sometimes surprisingly harsh. A few players have got their deserved clean 10, though. And if you remember their excellent performances in these particular games, you surely won’t argue at all.

It’s not the first release of the ‘Liverpool Newspaper History’ and their 2019 and 2020 updates are like a deliciously sweet dessert after a wholesome dinner. Barcelona at Anfield, Tottenham in Madrid, Chelsea in Istanbul and Flamengo in Doha. Those memories are still very fresh and every look at Divock Origi scoring Liverpool’s fourth or Jordan Henderson lifting the European Cup instantly causes a broad smile on our faces. Who said that the history has to be distant? Jurgen Klopp’s team is still writing the history right now, in front of our eyes and those players will be labelled LEGENDS (capital letters are on purpose and fully deserved) in 20 years’ time. It’s a pleasure to witness it week after week, game after game. And we are very fortunate that the recent triumphs are getting much more media coverage than those of the early 1900’s!

Touching that book for the first time, you instantly know you are dealing with a very special release. That elegant look focuses your attention with its fine leather cover, gold letterings and A3 format which is the same size as the real newspapers where the articles come from. Apart from those press reports, inside there are three sections of pictures featuring iconic Liverpool players, managers and moments, printed on a premium quality paper. As I have highlighted many pros, here comes a small con: I have noticed that a few of those photographies are described incorrectly. Sometimes their dates or other details are not matching. Despite this slight weakness, I am amazed by what I have received and seen. It’s a great insight into the past, the Liverpool most successful times and the history of a certain beautiful game. ‘Liverpool Newspaper History’ will be a great buy or gift to any Kopite. The glory days are back, you can feel and touch them once again.

Buy a copy of ‘Liverpool Newspaper History Book’ now and use a code ‘LFCHISTORY25’ to get a 25% discount on this and other football books

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