The rabbit’s foot runs out of luck

Two twenty-first birthday celebrations were marred by a Cup defeat… In the stand at Molineux watching the game between the Wolves and Liverpool sat Miss Ray Samuels, pretty brunette “hello” girl on one of the Liverpool exchanges, Mrs. Harley, wife of the Liverpool right back, and Mrs. Ramsden, wife of the left back. Miss Samuels became engaged to Tom Bush, the Liverpool centre half, as soon as the clock struck midnight on her twenty-first birthday the day before the match. And yesterday it was Mrs. Ramsden’s twenty-first birthday. “I had hoped for a happier celebration,” she said. Dark haired Mrs. Harley burst into tears when McIntosh scored Wolverhampton’s third goal. “I shall never forget the match as long as I live,” she said. “Nothing seemed to go right for Liverpool. I thought they had a chance when Berry Nieuwenhuys got the ball in the net with Liverpool only a goal down but he was ruled to have handled. I just could not help crying when the Wolves got their third goal.” Miss Samuels was making her first football away trip this season. She was wearing the solitaire diamond engagement ring set in platinium which Tom Bush placed on her finger. Bush has recently inherited a large sum of money. “We brought with us a rabbit’s foot and passed it round among the three of us during the match,” said Miss Samuel’s, “but this time it did not bring Liverpool any luck.”

Copyright The Daily Mirror 13-02-1939 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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