Souness has the board's support

Souness has the board's support

from "British Soccer Week"

Liverpool chairman David Moores has underlined his support for manager Graeme Souness but described the club's position as "totally unacceptable."

Moores has so far ignored calls to sack Souness and is refusing to make any panic decisions.

"For the present, we have chosen to stay calm, support the manager and team, and do everything else we can to overcome the present difficulties," he says.

"Let me be perfectly frank. Being halfway down the Premier League and out of three major cup competitions is totally unacceptable to Liverpool Football Club."

"The board itself reviews the situation on a weekly basis. Remember, we are supporters too. But one thing is very clear to all of us - this is no time for panic."

"It would be perfectly simple to make substantial changes, cut our losses on some of our players, plunge into the transfer market again. But would that be the right thing to do? Would we finish up with better players than we have now?"

Moores had denied that the Anfield coffers are empty because of major ground redevelopments.

"Certainly we have spent substantial sums on the new stand and other ground developments required by the Taylor Report and more needs to be done," he added.

"Liverpool, more than any other club, must be seen to meet both the detail and spirit of the report. But the idea that we have skimped on the team because of the ground redevelopments is absolute rubbish."

"The plain facts are that since the start of last season, the club has spent over 14 million pounds on bringing new players to Anfield, including signing-on and transfer levies."

"That has been partly off-set by fees from outgoing transfers, but the difference amounts to many millions of pounds."

"If more money is needed then make no mistake, it will be provided. But with astronomical sums being mentioned for even moderate players we have to be cautious."

"Some of our poor results have overshadowed the fact that in less than two seasons under Graeme Souness, the average age of our first team has dropped significantly."

"Of course, with a club like Liverpool the pressures are always intense. Those with short memories will tell you that the present situation is the worst ever. Others will remember the six seasons between 1966 and 1972 when we won nothing."

"During that time Bill Shankly was quitely building a side that was to start perhaps our greatest glories. Nevertheless, there was quite a clamour for changes at the time."

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