Strong second half display earns the points

Brentford may justly complain off ill-fortune in this match; but what sympathy can be fet for a team who miss a penalty and then lose a goal through a senseless foul?

On a ground like concrete, Liverpool were the better footballers. They had control, and speed with it. The heavy Brentford men had less speed than formerly and little control. McCulloch’s football was the shining light. He almost alone in his team, has retained his form, and his lightning passes, so admirably timed and paced, ought to have brought goals. The other four forwards were, frankly, very poor.

Liverpool should not go down. The new Scottish half-back, McInnes, was not a sensation, but in his quiet play was coolness, method, and very sound positioning. Reid topped the penalty shot awarded to Brentford just before the interval. Afterwards Balmer got a fine goal, and McInnes a lucky one which should have been saved. Then Hanson scored from a free kick, and towards the end Hopkins got a goal for Brentford.

Copyright - Daily Mail, 21-03-1938 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen for

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