Ernest Blenkinsop the man of the match

As an exhibition of calculated defence against a desperate opposition, Liverpool’s display in this match was something of which they may well be proud. They lost Hanson after the first few minutes – a recurrence of knee trouble – and were without Bradshaw for a time. The centre half sustained a nasty cut beneath the eye.

For long periods in the game the Liverpool defence was besieged; yet, except that Robson did get one goal very late in the game and McCulloch twice hit the crossbar, the Liverpool goal looked as safe as if the ball had been a mile away.

Blenkinsop, the former international left back, was the player of the match. His positional play was remarkable, and his experience enabled him in the first five minutes to sum up Hopkins and Robson. Not once did they achieve their stock move of changing position with a forward pass, and not once was Hopkins able to cut in with the ball.

Costly Blunders
Cooper’s task was easier because of the ineffectiveness of Fletcher, who, later on was hurt. Holliday, the inside left, did not bring to the attack the craft anticipated, and the whole forward line adopted long, first-time kicking from wing to wing, or wing to centre which bound to end in nothing.

Bradshaw and Cooper must have headed the ball out at least fifty times from optimistic centres. They never missed one. It was all too obvious to succeed. Both Liverpool goals, it must be said, were the result of bad mistake by the Brentford defence – one of them, the first by James, usually the soundest of players. It was clear, however, that the whole Brentford team were afraid of defeat, and never allowed themselves to settle down to the football they were playing two months ago.

In the few attacks made by Liverpool, Glassey looked a smart young player, and Nieuwenhuys would have been far more dangerous with better support. Glassey and Wright scored for Liverpool.

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