The Sauna guru

By Fran Kearney

I was sitting in a sauna in a gym near to Switch Island and the M57, minding my own business, when half-a-dozen "meatheads" walked in. Apart from myself, there was another bloke sitting high up on the bench with a towel over his head. The loud conversation between these lads consisted of "Pecks", "Six Packs", "Abs", "Neck Thrusts" etc... which went on for a good 10 minutes. It was interrupted by the bloke with the towel over his head saying, "Listen, lads, it's your legs; concentrate on your legs, forget all the power lifting and look after your legs. Once your legs go on you, you're finished."

There was a silence for 10 seconds... then more incessant chatter about Pecs etc. It soon emptied out and me and towel head were on our own. You know when you feel you know someone but you cant put a name to the face, well towel head was him...

He had a very softly spoken Scottish accent, and I thought for a minute I was sitting in the sauna with my flip flops on, talking to Sean Connery.

"You told them there, mate," I said. I asked if he was a teacher of PE or something similar and he said, "No. But I do a bit of coaching..."

"Oh, football?" I said, "Yes; at Liverpool FC."

"The kids' teams?" I asked; "No, the first team," he said... !!!

"Jesus Christ, Bill Shankly's still alive!" I thought...

Suddenly it hit me: "You are Ron Yeats," I said; "Yes, that's me."

"I used to hate you," I blurted out; "A lot of people say that," he replied.

There followed a conversation for about an hour about all things Blue and all things Red. I left the sauna one stone lighter and a lot more respectful of a thoroughly nice gentleman that I once hated, with a vengeance.

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