Houllier's stats is designed for every statistician who wishes to study Liverpool's history through facts and figures. Let's look at Houllier's record at Liverpool.

Gerard Houllier only has a 50% record in the league, placing him behind Dalglish, Paisley, Shankly and Fagan as well as in overall games where his record is a little bit better or 52,79% though almost on par with Roy Evans' 52,77%. Houllier's overall record reads 307 games, 159 wins, 74 draws and 74 lost.

Liverpool has played 216 Premier League games under Houllier, winning 108, drawing 54 and losing 54. Liverpool lost 5 games at Anfield last season and incidentally the last time Liverpool lost 5 at Anfield was in the 1993-94 season which proved to be SounessĀ“last. Here is a further breakdown of Liverpool's league record since 1892.

If these numbers are not alarming enough, the Liverpool board is certain to keep an eye on the attendance at Anfield. Liverpool boasts a 43,000+ average every season during Houllier's reign, until this season when the average dropped by 600 since the 2002-2003 season. You can see the average attendance record for every season by going to the season archive and choose statistics for every season you wish to look at since 1892-1893.

Here you can see the managerial records in full since the days of Shankly.


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