Articles needs help!

We are looking for contributors to! The site is a small operation in the sense that I the editor am now the only writer on the site and Gudmundur the webmaster is the tech wizard who designed our set-up and keeps it going in that sense. So we are looking for Reds with a good knowledge of English and Liverpool FC who want to help us out updating the site, transcribe articles, research our vast archive or write original articles based on the current events at the club or the historic past of Liverpool Football Club.

We are a non-profit site and do not pay our contributors but I have written two Liverpool books as my writings were noticed by a publisher so this could be your big break. This is a chance to be closely involved with the daily running of the biggest historical Liverpool FC site that is used every single day by fans all around the world and all the big media as we pride ourselves on setting ourselves very high standards. You can also gain access to former Liverpool players as well as number of other possibilities. It all depends on your ambition. So please send me an email to [email protected] if you want to become a part of the close-knit LFChistory team!


Season archive

We've got all the results from official games, appearance stats, goal stats and basically every conceivable statistic from 1892 to the present, every single line-up and substitutions!