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Every Game.
Every Team.
Every Goalscorer.
Every Result.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Liverpool Football Club.

Now including every friendly match in Liverpool history - more than 850 matches!!

Fully revised and updated for the 2014/15 season, Liverpool: The Complete Record is the definitive account of English football’s most suc­cessful club, recounting every conceivable detail of Liverpool’s 122 year-long history. Encompassing eighteen league titles, seven FA Cups and five European Cups, Liverpool remain the most successful club in English football history.

Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson – authors of the mammoth Liverpool Encyclopedia and editors of the acclaimed website – have spent years trawling through the archives to uncover every conceivable fact and figure about Liverpool FC. In this ac­claimed work they have painstakingly provided details of every game, line up, goalscorer, attendance and result, as well as a plethora of other facts and figures.

First published in 2011, Liverpool: The Complete Record was a sold out critical success. Now bigger than better than ever before, this new edition boasts fresh research, new photographs and details of every friendly match in Liverpool’s history.

With full appendixes detailing the careers of the hundreds of players to have turned out for the club and a full narrative account of Liverpool’s amazing history, this is the must-read book for every fan of one of the best-supported clubs in the world.


Pre-order your book to have your name listed in the Roll of Honour in the book’s appendix. This is a unique way of entering your name into the same pages of Liverpool’s definitive statistical record alongside the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Bill Shankly and Steven Gerrard! Books will be dispatched on or after the publication date of 20 October 2014.

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We've got all the results from official games, appearance stats, goal stats and basically every conceivable statistic from 1892 to the present, every single line-up and substitutions!