Billy Dunlop still going strong

Billy Dunlop, as usual, looked after the Sunderland players in yesterday’s match at Newcastle – much thinner than in pre-war days, but as cheerful as usual.

This faithful old servant of the club – he has been with it over 30 years as player and trainer – sometimes feels he could go out and do as well as some of the young ‘uns.

I once heard a former Sunderland manager say in a rather sarcastic manner: -
“He had only one foot.”
My reply was:
“His one foot was better than the two feet of most of the backs I have seen you sign on.”

And so it was. That left of Billy Dunlop hit a ball of length and accuracy.

Billy since the war has been on A.R.P. work in Sunderland. Few people know what grand work he did at Monk Street Emergency Hospital in the last war, but one man who does is Director Dr. Modlin, for Billy Dunlop assisted him in many an operation upon troops.

I do not think there is a man in Sunderland who knows more about the treatment of injured knees and ankles – yes, and I include all the doctors.

Copyright - Sunderland Daily Echo - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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