The death of Billy Dunlop

Mr. Billy Dunlop, Sunderland’s assistant trainer, died on Saturday and is to be brought from Stanhope to Newcastle for cremation.

This ends a distinguished career in football, from international player to coach and trainer – a long career without a blemish.

Billy Dunlop crossed the border as a left back to join Liverpool, and there gained International honours for Scotland. He was over twelve seasons with Liverpool and then came to Sunderland, whom he served faithfully for 34 years.

During the Great War his abilities as a masseur were utilized at Jeffrey Hospital under the direction of Dr. I.G. Modlin, he did excellent work

When present hostilities commenced he was immediately engaged with the A.R.P. casualty services and was with this section of the Civil Defence until illness overtook him.
Copyright - Sunderland Daily Echo - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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