Birkenhead youth signs in

The Liverpool Club are ever on the lookout for promising talent, and Mr. Watson informs me that negotiations were completed this morning with Bolton Wanderers for the transfer of W. Stuart, a Birkenhead youth.

It will be remembered that Stuart played for Birkenehead, and later joined Bolton Wanderers, for whom he played two years and a half. He was one of the cleverest forwards in the reserve team, and occasionally assisted the League eleven.

He played against Everton last season, and his clever play was greatly admired. Stuart is a fitter by trade, and he is giving up his employment in a shipbuilding yard to join the ranks of the Liverpool club.

Standing 5ft. 6in in height, Stuart is a well-built youth, and as he is only 21 years of age he ought to prove of some value to the Reds. Many good judges of football regard Stuart as a most capable player. He can play in any of the three inside forward positions.

Copyright - Evening Express - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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