Goalless at Highbury

Arsenal inside left Doug Lishman missed from five yards in the second half at Highbury last night.

Little Logie – what a craftsman – had tricked the Liverpool left wing and sent across a sweet, on-the-floor pass to Lishman, who was running on to the ball. Lishman lofted it over.

Nothing like as good a chance presented itself again for either side, though Charlie Ashcroft, Liverpool’s 23-year-old goalkeeper, had to be agile to save early in the second half from Lishman and Holton.

The way Ashcroft, who joined Liverpool from a junior club when he was 15, dealt with those shots stamps him as a class goalkeeper.

The 50,000 crowd must have been glad the Liverpool players were numbered.

The game had hardly begun before Brierley and Done changed places and during the match there was no place which Liddell did not fill.

He could be excused from wandering out of the path of Lionel Smith, who set up a barrier which Scotland’s winger found impassable.

Just to add to all the confusion most of the Liverpool shooting was done by the halves and the backs. Logie too, bobbed up everywhere.

Joe Mercer, who does not need numbers to tell him who is who of the Liverpool players, once more put the lie on the “old man” tag.

Forbes could take a lesson from him in the placing of the ball.

Copyright - Daily Express - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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